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Degree Progress

I learned about the Master of Science degree in Technical Communications in October of 2003, in a department meeting at work, where as a new department, each person shared their "history." Two people in the room had earned this master’s degree. I had no idea there was such a degree program. I had been wanting to get an advanced degree for a few years now, inspired by my sister and the attainment of her doctorate degree, but didn’t want to get it in computer science or mathematics. This degree progam sounded perfect.

I submited my application in November of 2003, with the support of recommendation letters from three special people in my life: my sister, my friend Steve, and my friend Irene, and I was accepted into the program in December of 2003.

My first class was on January 12, 2004. The program consists of 33 credit hours, and at 6 hours per semester without attending summer sessions, I anticipate completing my degree in the Fall of 2006.
I generally take two classes (6 hours) per semester, after work during the week, and take the summers off. I plan my classes around my Wednesday night dancing.

Classes taken so far and/or scheduled to date:

Course Name
Course Code
ENG 517
Spring 2004
EAC 585
Spring 2004
ENG 512
Dr. Susan Katz
Fall 2004
ENG 518
Fall 2004
Spring 2005
ENG 519
Spring 2005
NR 535
Dr. John Fels
Summer 2005
ENG 515
Dr. Steven Katz
Fall 2005