Places I have lived

My dad served in the United States Marine Corps for 30 years. He reached the highest of the enlisted ranks, retiring as a Sergeant Major. He served his country in the Korean War (1972-1973), and served in Vietnam three times — two times (noted as “Vietnam” below) during the war, and one time (noted as “Okinawa” below) after the war. I am proud of the many honors he earned — especially his Purple Heart.

The first years of my life were spent in and around Fall River, Massachusetts where he and my mom met and married. He was stationed in various cities in Massachusetts doing “recruiting duty” stints. I went to a different school for almost every year of my elementary school years.

In 1970, he was transferred to the Marine Corps Base at Camp Lejuene, North Carolina, where I transferred into the 7th grade. He ended up retiring there, so I graduated from Lejeune High School (on the base), and then went on to East Carolina University, where I majored in Math and Computer Science. Once I graduated from college, I moved to Raleigh and began working for IBM, in 1980.

Here’s the road trip compliments of Uncle Sam:

Norfolk, VirginaOctober 1957December 1959Diaper duty
Twenty-Nine Palms, CaliforniaDecember 1959September 1960The terrible twos
Ocean Grove, Massachusetts (MA)September 1960February 1961Playing hooky
Fall River, MA (Eastern Avenue)February 1961January 1963First half of kindergarten
Cherry Point, NCJanuary 1963November 1964Second half of kindergarten, 1st grade,
First two months of 2nd grade
Fall River, MA (Dover Street)November 1964December 1964Two more months of 2nd grade
Fall River, MA (Warren Street)
[Dad stationed in Vietnam]
December 1964January 1966Remainder of 2nd grade at Dover Street School,
First half of 3rd grade at Warren Street School
Dudley, MAJanuary 1966June 1966Second half of 3rd grade
Fall River, MA (Dover Street)June 1966July 1966Summer between 3rd and 4th grade
Fall River, MA (Howland Street)July 1966December 19684th, 5th, and first two months of 6th grade
Coventry, Rhode Island
[Dad stationed in Vietnam]
December 1968December 1969Remainder of 6th grade
and first half of 7th grade
Camp Lejeune, NCDecember 1969June 1973Second half of 7th grade through
sophomore year of high school
Tarawa Terrace, NC
[Dad stationed in Okinawa]
June 1973June 1974Junior year of high school
Jacksonville, NCJune 1974August 1975Senior year of high school
Greenville, NCAugust 1975May 1980College
Raleigh, NCMay 1980PresentLifelong learning