Haiku collaboration about a downtown Raleigh walk

October 17, 2022, Monday During our walk around downtown Raleigh, Bob and I each took 5 pictures to write haikus about once we returned home. Bob’s five are first, then mine.

Bob’s haikus

Across from our house
Sign’s been there for seven weeks
False advertising


No beer, whiskey, wine
Lawyers meet to do stuff here
Not our kind of bar


6-dollar mum plants
Free pumpkin from our neighbor
Decorating cheap


Refreshing outfit
Sea of browns and greys downtown
I love this woman


Man of many hats
A hat he no longer wears
Well done, my husband


John’s haikus

2 Cabinet Girls
Paint your custom cabinets
Got their own dot-com


Neighbor’s tree-lined walk
Colorful pots do adorn
Steps up to the porch


Lowered U.S. flag
Honoring the victims of
Raleigh’s mass shooting


It’s that time of year
Arachnoid bush on Blount Street
Happy Halloween


House with turret work
Temporary LEGO® brick
White patch out of place