Dominican MayDaze cruise | Day 4 | At sea

It’s Monday, May 29, and we have an “at sea” day today, which means no port call and extra BearCruise-organized activities!

Today’s breakfast:

We ate all of our breakfasts and lunches in The Galley, which is described as:

There were a few more stations in this food-court-like dining area, including:

The Sweet Side: The Sweet Side houses pastries in the morning (for the sweet-toothed breakfast lovers among us) and desserts later on. It’s a non-stop sweet fest, so leave your rude friends by the pool.

Well Bread: Well Bread has fans, and we call them “Bread Heads.” So make like a bread head and grab a pastry for breakfast or a flatbread in the afternoon or evening.
Pop Star: Pop on over to our cart for a myriad of tasty and refreshing popsicles made with locally inspired flavors.
BearCruise group activities

Noon: Bear Lunch. If you want to join others for lunch, meet at The Galley Food Hall, Deck 15 Aft. Also note that these restaurants are also open for lunch if you want to try them: Razzle Dazzle, The Wake, The Dock / Dock House, The Social Club, The Pizza Place, and The Sun Club.

We ate lunch on our own today from the Burger Bar.

5:00 pm: Pool Hot Tub TakeoverDeck 15 (Pool Deck)

6:00 pm: Michael & Tom’s Champagne Party, Suite 15299Z

Two guys in our group had one of Virgin Voyages “Rockstar Suites,” and they hosted this champagne party inviting everyone in our group. It was a beautiful suite with a separate bedroom area and 3 sliding glass doors that opened onto a massive deck. Champagne was out when we arrived and within minutes it started flowing as more and more of our group poured in. And our hosts were as nice as they were generous.

At one point sitting down on the deck, I kicked the table knocking over my champagne flute, and Michael immediately went inside, I thought to get a towel, so I followed him in to take it to clean up my mess. But, he went right to the bar and filled me up another glass of champagne. I said, “I thought you hurried in to get a towel to clean up the spill.” To which he responded, “I ran in here to get you a new drink! We’re not worried about that spill.” The. Consummate. Host.

I think their cabin concierge came in to bring in at least two more rounds of champagne. The corks in the last picture were just from the last batch. It was a great party. It went fro 6:00-7:00 at which time we had to head down to the day’s BearCruise Cocktail hour.

7:00 pm: Cocktails, The Dock House Bar, Deck 7

I love some salty treats when I’m drinking, so I grabbed a bag of popcorn on the way down from the champagne party to our cocktail hour. As the cocktail hour comes to a close, our fabulous cruise director, Al, starts rounding us up in groups of 4-6 to head down to tonight’s dinner restaurant.

While getting another round of drinks, a guy across the bar caught my eye, as I thought it was someone I knew—but who wasn’t on this trip with us. I checked his Facebook timeline to see if there was any evidence of him being on this cruise and there wasn’t.

Then, I noticed him doing what looked like the same thing. And, of course, my timeline is drenched with posts about being on the ship, and I saw him smile, look up, and then Eric Ellis came over to say hi. I’d say, “Small world!” but it really isn’t, and that’s a cliché, which I try to avoid.

8:00 pm: Dinner Restaurant of the Night: The Test Kitchen, Deck 6

Ship Shows and Activities

10:45 pm: Scarlet Night Pool Party, The Manor, Deck 6

I actually stayed up for this party, and it was a grand one—outside around the pool. It began with a show by the ship performers, and eventually everyone was encouraged to join in.

My Moon My Man
Possible original cast song
How Deep is Your Love

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