Northern Europe cruise | Port 2 (Day 1) | Akureyri, Iceland

It’s Friday, June 16, 2023 and our port call to Ísafjörður, Iceland was canceled due to an expansion project to the port, which didn’t finish in time. So we’re going from Reykjavik directly to Akureyri, Iceland, which would have been tomorrow’s port call, and we’ll stay there overnight.

Happy Birthday, Paul Henfrey!

8:00 am – 4:00 pm: Day at Sea / Views of the Icelandic Coast – Observation Lounge (Deck 17), Surfside Café and Grill (Buffet, Deck 17), Sun Deck (Deck 18 forward), or from your own balcony cabin where you can see panoramic views of the stunning Icelandic scenery.

During breakfast, people started pointing out the dining room windows, where we passed by a frolicking pod of whales, and several of them breached at various times.

I actually used some gym clothes that I packed for a cruise! The ship’s gym is called Pulse Fitness Center, and it has mostly treadmills probably 25 or 30. But it has only 6 elliptical machines, and half of them were out of order. Who sets sail on a 3950-passenger cruise ship with half of its limited elliptical machines out of order??? NCL, apparently.

With that bitching said, I did manage to be near one that someone was finishing up on fairly quickly, and I’ve definitely worked out with worse scenery before. Here’s a 15-second, because no one wants to watch more than 15 seconds of someone else’s video, proof that I actually got up on the machine.

I sure did work up an appetite working out and immediately went to the Surfside Café for some nourishment.

When Liz Taylor, at her heaviest, was asked, “What do you want on your hamburger?” She responded, “A hot dog.” My lunch was an homage to her. (The potato salad and French fry combination was my own idea.)

Some scenery as we sailed from along the Northern coast of Iceland from Reykjavik to Akureyri:

10:00 am – noon: Hot Tub Take-Over, Infinity Pool, Starboard Side, Deck 8, Oceanwalk.

Bob and I didn’t attend the hot tub take-over or the pool party.

4:00 pm: Arrival in port.

Pulling into the port at around 4 PM:

From our balcony once docked:

6:30 pm: Cocktail Hour, Whiskey Bar, Deck 8

Our group descended on the Whiskey Bar and we kept the bartenders going nonstop. Bob and I drank a couple of Buffalo Trace & Sodas and a couple of 1792 Small Batch & Sodas.

7:00 pm: Dinner. Specialty Restaurant of the Day—Cagney’s Steakhouse, Deck 6

As part of our BearCruise package, we got to choose 3 restaurants to eat free in from the list of about 7 “fancy” restaurants (in which you have to pay to eat), and we had designated nights for the group to make reservations for a particular restaurant if they wanted to eat together.

We chose Cagney’s Steakhouse as our first specialty restaurant and tonight was its designated night for the group.

Overnight until 4 pm tomorrow: Docked in Akureyri.

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