1/1 Morning has broken
Like the first day of the year
It's our year to spend
1/2 It doesn't look right
Some HTML code's wrong
Two long hours to spot
1/3 At the gym this week
Lots of interlopers now
Most of them shall pass
1/4 Six-hundred-page book
And nine-hundred in large print
Either way, a tome
1/5 Over the deck rail
Empty the coffee pot grounds
Liriope fuel
1/6 Dry January
It has been six whole days now
Haven't got the shakes
1/7 Planning meals by week
Precludes daily decisions
This week's good to go
1/8 The group met today
Our "Mostly Social Book Club"
Thirty-two years strong
1/9 Heavy rains and wind
A state of emergency
Took in our porch art
1/10 Epic story lines
Historical fiction tomes
Quite the investment
1/11 Facebook posting made
That seemed inconsequential
Deluged with comments
1/12 Too-cute dogs of friends
Making a pinkie promise
Even as they sleep
1/13 My clever aunt knits
Telling funny, smart stories
She's a real knitwit
1/14 According to this
BMI chart I'm too short
My genes don't fit right
1/15 Period pieces
Jane Eyre is our book club book
She sure talks funny
1/16 Hello, my name's John
I'm addicted to spreadsheets
Love some stats and graphs
1/17 Don't make nouns of verbs
In this case, just use "request":
It is a small "ask"
1/18 Some echinoderms
Change gender—male to female
It's a thing they do
1/19 Gourmet, buttery
It's National Popcorn Day
Gonna pop some now
1/20 Favorite clock time
We say it is "Bob o'clock"
8s look just like Bs
1/21 When reading a book
I rarely abandon one
But I did this week
1/22 Was an editor
On a small team of writers
Our boss bought us these
1/23 I remember a
Fancy schmancy cruise dessert
A popcorn sundae
1/24 Today's challenge was to make your haiku a univocal lipogram (i.e., use a single vowel throughout).
Ruby rubs Judy
Chuck humps Rusty's ugly butt
Gus hurls smut: "Suck! Fuck!"
1/25 When the lights go out
All receptacles convert
Into "runway lights"
1/26 As seen on campus
TOW'-bog-in or Ta-BOG'-in
Or a knitted cap
1/27 Chesapeake Bay Bridge
More spans seem underwater
But it's just the fog
1/28 Today's challenge was to create a consonantally alliterative haiku (i.e., all words start with the same consonant).
Harold held her hand
Harriet hardened her hold
His humbled heart healed
1/29 Almost ran over
French nail in a parking spot
Oh mon Dieu, so close!
1/30 Piece of cutlery
An asparagus server
Oddly specific
1/31 Thirty-one written
Three hundred thirty-five more
One per day this year
2/1 Black students sat at
All-white Woolworth lunch counter
Sixty-four years past
2/2 BookBub is my friend at
Daily email serves me up
eBooks cheap or free
2/3 His life was well lived
Family and friends are here
All to say goodbye
2/4 WTF
Who thinks doing this is fine
I don't understand.
2/5 Fresh-dipped strawberries
Love in chocolate fruity bites
Helps put on "love weight"
2/6 Bob made me cupcakes
To take to Monday's book club
For Mary's birthday
2/7 Two Canada Geese
Don't say Canadian Geese
'Cause that's incorrect
2/8 Retainers and molds
Two-year check to assess them
Three hundred dollars
2/9 Going to games night
I hope there's cards or Catch Phrase
Some favorite games
2/10 Today's challenge was to make your haiku be a clue to your favorite book or movie (or both!) and people could guess what it/they is/are. (My book is first, followed by my movie.)
A train plays a part
And a famous first sentence
Loved this Russian tome
Based on a board game
"Flames on the side of my face"
Brilliant ad-libbed line
2/11 I went to games night
Played a game called Zombie Dice
Not my cup of tea
2/12 Today's challenge was to create a haiku about one of your favorite songs and to include the decade it's from. Mine is from the 1890s.
Nicknamed symphony
Not "The Bells of Zionice"
But his other one
2/13 Today's challenge was to create a haiku about one of your favorite songs and to include the decade it's from. Mine is from the 1970s.
One-word noun title:
"To imagine or expect"
By James Taylor's ex
2/14 In a focus group
Input on keyboard design
Pays one-twenty-five
2/15 Today's challenge was to create a haiku about one of your favorite songs and to include the decade it's from. Mine was a hit in all three of these decades: 1970s version, 1980s version, & 1990s version)
Endless love for you
Sad and happy memories
Taking them with me
2/16 The silent killer
I take and track it daily
Then take to my doc
2/17 After fifteen years
Membership upped to "Black Card"
Massage machines rock
2/18 Eleven hours
That's how long I slept last night
Been years since last time
2/19 I'm wondering if
I'd ever use a restroom
To really just rest
2/20 Today's challenge was to create a haiku using a single color as its focus. Mine was "white."
It is a combo
Of all the spectrum colors
An unseen rainbow
2/21 Toothpaste, brush, & floss
Dentist office "swag" for me
Take it every time
2/22 Guinness record for
Oldest branding, packaging
Just changed their logo
2/23 Unknown family
No one left alive who knows
Scanning old photos
2/24 Recently learned of
A whiskey called Chicken Cock
That we're ga(y)me to try
2/25 Retirement goal
To start to "shop" my writing
First time on March 8th
2/26 Eclipse coming up
Still have glasses from last one
They were cheap—homemade
2/27 I cannot resist
A club sandwich whenever
It's on a menu
2/28 Robert A. McVeigh
Is a movie devotee
He reviews them all
2/29 Normally we could
Write three hundred sixty-five
But this day adds one
3/1 I first read the book
Then saw the TV movie
The cliché prevailed
3/2 Chili party night
Barbenheimer is the theme
Neighborhood event
3/3 Today's challenge was to make your haiku about something you do every day without explicitly saying what it is.
AARP site
Just the right difficulty
Go across then down
3/5 Bookstore genre sign
Dark Academia, hmmm
A Little Life's one
3/6 Took a walk downtown
Snaped some pics to write about
"Haiku-ed" once at home
3/7 Driving to Charlotte
To see agents, publishers
A writing workshop
3/8 Apparently what
I've written is flash fiction
Genre nice to know
3/9 Having a shed built
For lawn mower, power tools
Among other things
3/10 Wordle, Connections
Now I've added new game, Strands
Three New York Times games
3/11 Saturday baked bread
Tuesday made French Toast with it
Bob is a keeper
3/12 Hoo do you think y'are
Hoo do you think you're scaring
We think you're a hoot
3/13 A flight takes us to
See David, Wayne—in Cabo
Three weeks from today
3/14 Catching a few ZZZs
After taming this wild beast
It's a power nap
3/15 Opportunity
Knocked to buy lots behind ours
We bought both of them
3/16 Divi-Divi trees
Aruba's wind shapes its growth
Points to the southwest
3/17 It used to be blue
Changed from blue to green with the
Irish Rebellion
3/18 Finally happened
Can't put if off anymore
Got around tuit
3/19 We bought a chain saw
Thirty pages of warnings
In the user guide
3/20 A gizmo that works
It looks like an umbrella
But it's a sunshade
3/21 It's a fake bow tie
High school senior class picture
Hiding crooked teeth
3/22 A last-minute "do"
Celebrating a great man
Met some nice people
3/23 A friend's daughter had
The play's eponymous role
She was Matilda
3/24 Know it was a scam
Was AI-generated
A robotic voice
3/25 Corner roadside signs
Doesn't matter what's backed up
It is covered here
3/26 Today's headlines read
Troubled bridge over waters
Container ship hits
3/27 I pick out black ones
Unequivocally the best
All-black bag saves time
3/28 Drive a Ford Fusion
Have 2 fusions in my back
There's no confusion
3/29 A wind gust comes up
Pink petals—whirling dervish
Swirling on the ground
3/30 Cigarette vended
You don't need no stinkin' match
Comes already lit
3/31 Portuguese sweet bread
Vovó baked in hard-boiled eggs
Yes, still in the shell"
4/1 New Old Spice product
Ad says you can use it here:
"Pits, toes, down below"
4/2 April, Mae, and June
High school sisters whose parents
Thought they were clever
4/3 Old Fashioned cocktail
No fuss, no muss—all mixed in
Just pour over ice
4/4 My home town is where
Lizzie Borden took an ax
It’s Fall River, Mass.
4/5 "Art" affixed to fridge
A mish-mash of memories
Light our minds' corners
4/6 “Jesus, take the wheel!”
"Literal Jesus" enjoys
Quite the collection
4/7 From concealed carry
Do not fuck with me fellas!
To open carry
4/8 Shadow Dancing day
The moon moves and takes the lead
As the sun follows
4/9 Today's challenge was to make your haiku about a toy or game or activity you did as a child.
In the seventies
Fun, but could be dangerous
Clackers were a fad
4/10 Mid-week, mid-day drive
Lunch with sis and bro-in-law
In Greenville, N.C.
4/11 Death in neighborhood
Relatively young mother
There is a meal train
4/12 Recipe stated
Its prep time: 20 minutes
Off by one hour
4/13 Today’s challenge was to write about your earliest memory.
Do I remember
it happening, or just its
story repeated?
4/14 Collie-flower as
Vegetable tray's centerpiece
Looks like a boy dog
4/15 If you want a spa
comes with a built-in TV
Oh, and a pool, too
4/16 Some squares and circles
A layer of abstraction
For lots of info
4/17 Closets are for clothes
And tight-fitting ones at that
Come out with panache
4/18 A haiku 🌈
Red, orange, yellow, blue, green,
And of course purple
4/19 That one year when I
Did an act of gardening
Planted Rosemary
4/20 Traveled with a group
To Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai
Name plate at my seat
4/21 Today’s Haiku Ninja challenge was to write a haiku that sums up your life.
It's been pretty good
Last half better than the first
Let's see what's to come
4/22 Sapphire marble
Swirled with emerald and white
Suspended in space
4/23 Taking idioms
to a whole new level: "Ride
a mile in my shoes"
4/24 She's a funny girl
Spells her name funny, too
82 today
4/25 Memory from cruise
Glaze donut and mimosa
It was my breakfast
4/26 Years of walking in
— shoes that hurt and cramp the feet —
has adverse effects
4/27 Overwhelming signs
Step up. Step down. Flight, flight, flight!
Our Venice hotel
4/28 I like big burls, and
I cannot lie. You other
flora can't deny
4/29 Please do scratch my itch
It's a dirty thing with "off"
Iconic film scene
4/30 A game with "a mole"
Seven years is a long time
Or something askew
5/1 Love cemeteries
Check them out on vacation
Not a soul in sight
5/2 There's one for Earl Grey
A special one for absinthe
Then there's one in bed
5/3 May be overdressed
Even for a Hat Party
Yes, I'm throwing shade
5/4 Generic Lidl
You can tell they're good for you
Because they're taste-free
5/5 We don't go to church
But on Sundays listen to
Hit gospel oldies
5/6 Happy Nurses Day
Many nurse friends I do have
My husband is one
5/7 This week's Nurses Week
Bob's had lots of nursing looks
30+ years strong
5/8 It's an ancient art
Japanese—like the haiku
Here's my dollar bill
5/9 44 years past
Earned my undergrad degree
In math & comp sci
5/10 Chalked-on sidewalk jokes
Saw them for myself at last
Now know where they are
5/11 I do use handrails
But when birds doo-doo on them
It pooh-poohs their use
5/12 Like mother like son
Very food-oriented
Happy Mother's Day
5/13 New gym massage chairs
When you need to knead your back
After a workout
5/14 Book-diet mashup
The brand does appeal to me
Old Man and the Mat
5/15 Benjamin is out
Mateo now in top 10
Lands at number 6
5/16 I tried out some jokes
On a few retirees
But none of them worked
5/17 I've always been "John"
No nicknames, but lots of folks
Call me my full name
5/18 My workout music
One-twenty beats per minute
60-min playlists
5/19 I was a mere tot
Starting work at IBM
In nineteen eighty
5/20 Sidewalk trip hazard
Tree roots versus cement blocks
Nature dominates
5/21 My shed broke into
Someone stole my limbo stick.
How low can you go?
5/22 Found a good law firm
to help me through my divorce:
Ditchim, Quick, & Hyde
5/23 "They" say it is art
Spilled water on some color
Bleeding my mind dry
1/1There are things 'bout Bob
That I can't think of without
Grinning ear-to-ear
1/2Looked all up and down
Couldn’t find it anywhere
Then said it out loud
1/3It got him tickled
Who knew painting by numbers
Could be that funny
1/4Getting ready to
Focus on portion control
Calorie counting
1/5Loaned him my FitBit
He gave me paint by number
Exchanges of love
1/6Did some freelancing
It will pay for new tires
That I need real soon
1/7A puzzle a day
Twenty-fifteen calendar
10-minute crosswords
1/8Feeling syllabic
Five, then seven, then five more
Drank haiku Kool-aid
1/9Made French onion soup
I’ve never made soup before
I will make some more
1/10Like Russian roulette
Will it be or won’t it be
A ripe cantaloupe
1/11Up at 6 AM
Crunches and upper body
Done by 9 AM
1/12In a coffee shop
A dog walked around freely
That appealed to me
1/13Chicken for protein
Onions, mushrooms, green peppers
Delicious stir fry
1/14Provided a ride
Got a free lunch out of it
Helped a friend in need
1/15Saw a play tonight
One-man show, so many lines
It was compelling
1/16Took in a nice tour
Historical Mordecai
Had a good tour guide
1/17Birthdays Dinner night
Good friendship, food, and music
It was a success
1/18Dog-sitting Nala
She’s my friend’s cocker spaniel
And a sweetie pie
1/19There’s something about
Not being in my own home
That just nags at me
1/20Hot Huez is a thing
It’s temporary hair “chalk”
Press, slide, and color!
1/21Yes he does so much
No I don’t exaggerate
Maybe I’m smitten
1/22Saw my Red Hat friends
Work goes on without me there
But I have been missed
1/23Squeezed in at the gym
People park like idiots
Too close to the line
1/24I was a big boy
Ate the beans in the chili
Not too bad at all
1/25Can a shade or two
Alter your age in one’s mind
It’s only skin deep
1/26Goodbye Nexium
Have to switch to another
It's not covered now
1/27A wench cut me off
Then she took my parking spot
I hope karma watched
1/28Poor old Ms Gabby
Turns out she was a hoarder
Committed herself
1/29I am cooking more
Now that I am retired
Healthier eating
1/30Talked about a play
That we saw a month ago
Still remembered it
1/31It was a good month
Mostly ate well, exercised
Focused on my health
2/1Patriots? Seahawks?
Thinking about those tight ends
Not about football
2/2One love beside me
Another love to my right
Bob hangs off the bed
2/3Did some outside work
Lugged some scrap wood to the curb
Very rare for me
2/4Drips of liquid blue
Appear on the hot burner
Tupperware lid melts
2/5Laughed and laughed some more
Happy Hour with Red Hat peeps
2/6Kindle book: Greyhound
Free with my Amazon Prime
So far it’s quite good
2/7Distillery tour
Very educational
And free samples too
2/870 degrees
Bloody Marys al fresco
Afternoon delight
2/9Mom and dad sound good
Always a relief to hear
Birthdays coming up
2/10Greyhound: A novel
Sabastien Ranes comes of age
Crossing the U.S.
2/11Bob made caramels
Valentine’s Day treat for me
They are so delish
2/12Had to look it up
How much is forever worth
Stamp prices elude
Love from Frances and Vincent
Always gives me paws
2/14Such a lovely day
With my special Valentine
The love of my life
2/15Red, white, and heart-shaped
Chocolates and trinkets, too
Half-price love tokens
2/16Lunch at a new place
Rice was in a pyramid
Ate at Tom Yum Thai
2/17No power was lost
From a winter storm system
Passing through our town
2/18It’s that time again
For my free credit report
To make sure it’s right
2/19Trimmer stopped working
Good for 20 or 30
Years of grooming beards
2/20Challenging 4 days
5 food-centered social dates
All while dieting
2/21Morning board meeting
Afternoon social with friends
Dinner guests at night
2/22Family dysfunction
Spare the truth so not to hurt
“Everybody’s fine.”
2/23Dinner with Bob’s peeps
Meeting them for the first time
Nephew and his wife
2/24Sellers or Fonda
Rabbit, Pan, or Cottontail
Pumpkin eater, too
2/25Crazy girls head east
Tommy Lee and Hilary
Driving the wagon
2/26First time snowed in with
Bob and Frances and Vincent
We all passed the test
2/27Call it what you will
Stir crazy, cabin fever
Snow thaw brought relief
2/28Do you know what’s love?
Beanless chili made for you
And it wins a prize
3/1Mom turns 83
25 ahead of me
That’s where the years go
3/2A Week in Winter
Reading it on my Kindle
Pretty good so far
3/3One at career’s end
Talking to those starting out
The yin and the yang
3/4The Grim Reaper lurks
We can never know when he
Will knock on our door
3/5Going to the gym
Late at night after cocktails
Not a good idea
3/6I met June and Cole
The twins born on New Year’s Eve
Quite adorable
3/7Go from 2 to 3
Move the little hand up 1
Lose sixty minutes
3/8I like things settled
I get antsy when they’re not
Closure is my friend
3/9Thinking of Herman​
Anne​ kneading his brand new knee
Would be just like them
3/10Getting new French doors
After 30 years, it’s time
Coming next Wednesday
3/11What we imagine
Doesn’t always play out so
Sometimes that’s just fine
3/12“I am mostly straight.”
“I’m a little bit pregnant.”
River in Egypt
3/13Third day in a row
Happy hour with my friends
Social butterfly
3/14Rode to see the Webbs
They are packing to move soon
Took some of their junk
3/15Calories galore
Brunch buffet at Tír na nÓg
Went right to the gym
3/16Apples of my eye
Joined me tonight for dinner
Frances, Vincent, Bob
3/17I went out today
Not a spot of green on me
But I wasn’t pinched
3/18I have new French doors
Ils sont très jolie, bien sûr!
Gateway to my deck
3/19Worked out late tonight
But it didn’t bother me
I was into it
3/20We watched Pride today
Gays and miners get along
3/21Is it all about
The journey or landing place
Games philosophy
3/22Leftover yummies
From a fun social event
Makes a smorgasbord
3/23He was moved by love
And I don’t mean just his heart
Now he’s moving back
3/24Turns out I was wrong
Came back for his furniture
Guess their loveseats match
3/25Computer lessons
For he, the former Luddite,
Now with 3 gadgets
3/26Eating Jimmy Dean
Two turkey sausage patties
For breakfast protein
3/27Broadened horizon
Joint account with Verizon
Talk is cheap-er now
3/28Small bumps on my tongue
Burned it eating egg drop soup
Hate when that happens
3/29Binge watching a show
It’s a court show, The Good Wife
I’m enjoying it
3/30Taking a deep breath
Holding it in for a bit
Then things get silly
3/31Actors from one show
Turn up on another one
Talk about two-faced
Date Haiku
4/1 Bob’s a die-hard fan
Comes to watch the geezers dance
Even when they don’t
4/2 Had dinner with Joe
Followed it with a movie
A nice, cheap night in
4/3 Amy Pritchard’s day
One more circle ‘round the sun
Happy Birthday, friend
4/4 Never met dear Ruth
Passed 5 years ago today
Love her son so much
4/5 Arrived right at 10
On the breakfast side of brunch
Beat the church folks there
4/6 Sitting on my deck
Drinking coffee and writing
Beautiful weather
4/7 I went into “flow.”
Hours flew by in just minutes
Can it still be “work?”
4/8 Preconceived notions
Bit into a biscotti
Soft, to my surprise
4/9 Crosswords left uncrossed
One-a-day, 5 days behind
Puzzles piling up
4/10 1-800 calls
About my health insurance
Fixed, for now at least
4/11 Was a slug today
Slept a lot and watched TV
Binged on The Good Wife
4/12 An exceptional
51st salon meeting
Questions and answers
4/13 Six months to the day
I’ve enjoyed retirement
I’m living the dream
4/14 Offer made to me
30 grand below market
For my paid-for house
4/15 Such a taxing day
For those who procrastinate
Grateful I’m not one
4/16 Ate for two tonight
Me, and a pet rescue group
Fundraising event
4/17 21 years now
Living my authentic life
After coming out
4/18 Bob is generous
I’m not a good caretaker
But my heart beats true
4/19 After 20 years
Someone dropped out of book club
And it’s fine with me
4/20 Quite remarkable
Lost a Salon member, too
After many years
4/21 Now immortalized
Lives forever on the web
With his own home page
4/22 Google Hangout helped
Our board to have a quorum
Thanks technology
4/23 Spent time on my deck
Editing, then dinner, too
With all the McVeighs
4/24 Getting out of Dodge
To celebrate Joe’s birthday
Road trip to Asheville
4/25 My friend Joe’s birthday
Walking, drinking, dining, too
All up in Asheville
4/26 A four-hour road trip
Stopped at Sheetz for some coffee
Dreary, rainy ride
4/27 Lawyers in your life
Turns life’s outlook all blasé
Wish they’d go away
4/28 For someone I like
Edited a resume
Drinks and food in trade
4/29 Taking care of things
In anticipation of
Two weeks on the road
4/30 Dad’s now 84
Born in 1931
On this April day
5/1We are on the road
Bob and Frances and Vincent
Starting our trip north
5/2On the road again
From Asheville to Lexington
Love in the back seat
5/3Six hours on the road
Was the last leg of our trip
Now in Battle Creek
5/4Drinks poolside with Bob’s
Brother and sister-in-law
Chinese take-out, too.
5/5McVeigh history
Saw so much of it today
All explained by Bob
5/6We picked up Mary
Then drove to brother Billy’s
One more sibling met
5/7Up in Mackinaw
Walked around the little town
With my family
5/8I am plum wore out
Miss taking my daily naps
Will sleep tight tonight
5/9I loved listening
To tons of McVeigh stories
A chillaxing day
5/10Pizza on the grill
And a poignant brother’s toast
To our love and lives
5/11“Are you awake?”asked
Mr. Spontaneity
“Want to just leave now?”
5/12Back to my routine
Good Wife, reading, and blogging
It was a “me” day
5/13On his hand and knees
Bob cut my small lawn by hand
There’s no greater love
5/14Met Ellen and Don
Conversation was easy
Thanks for stopping by!
5/15He’s unresponsive
Many thoughts go through one’s mind
Scary words to hear
5/16Caring for my plants
Nourishing by watering
Hopeful for their fruit
5/17Upset stomach day
Could be from several things
Hope it will subside
5/18Book club book finished
Normally I like downers
But bad timing now
5/19It’s 35 years
To the day that I started
Working at Big Blue
5/20With mom, dad, and sis
Miss Bob, Frances, and Vincent
Hope to see them soon
5/21Poor little Smokey
His house has been invaded
By out-of-towners
5/22Stayed with mom tonight
Vivian and Jeff went out
With their dinner club
5/23My first time serving
Really didn't know how to
They didn't train me
5/24Pizzas on the grill
Bob can cook most everything
Not afraid to try
5/25Precious, precious time
With Bob, Vincent, and Frances
Then back to Greenville
5/26Parents accepting
Can no longer live alone
Sad but know it’s best
5/27Roller coaster day
He is good, then he is bad
It’s been two weeks now
5/28During a showing
Current resident speaks out
She’s not happy there
5/29Mom gave her okay
Put down a hold deposit
They are next in line
5/30It had been two weeks
Since I’d made it to the gym
Didn’t forget how
5/31This is my life now
Just accept it and go on
It's not permanent
6/1Ghirardelli squares
Love the ones with caramel
And milk chocolate
With my sis ‘bout mom and dad
Using Google docs
6/3Much to take care of
I’m totally exhausted
6/4It’s recycle day
I’m not there to put it out
Bob took care of it
6/5Ms. Teresa Ball
Is today’s hero to me
Answered all questions
6/6Home for the weekend
Not back from Kansas, but still
There’s no place like home
6/7Touch of normalcy
Attended Salon today
A good distraction
6/8I’ve got some control
Added to their bank account
I can monitor
6/9Two Men and a Truck
Will be moving mom and dad
Into their new place
6/10Got her TB test
Signed the contract for her place
Will move in next week
6/11Eating out of bed
On a chair in dining room
It’s such a huge deal
6/12Home early Friday
To see Bob, Frances, Vincent
The loves of my life
6/13Wagging puppy tails
Some turned out to be butt plugs
I think that's just gross
6/14It's Smokey's birthday
He's 15 years old today
My sister's dear cat
6/15Soaring outside temps
AC units can’t keep up
To cool the indoors
6/16Getting dad's hair cut
Used to get it high and tight
Thursday appointment
6/17Two men and a truck
Moved one man and one woman
Four counties over
6/18Had to turn around
Was headed to the wrong "home"
Mom's instead of dad's
6/19Thank god it’s Friday
Back home with the ones I love
Caretaker respite
6/20Esther Hoffman glows
John Norman Howard flickers
One star shines; one fades
6/21It’s been ‘bout 3 weeks
Since I last did strength training
Will pay tomorrow
6/22Hot chocolate chips
Baked in cookies by neighbor
A thoughtful gesture
6/23Was good to get out
For the change of scenery
And visit his bride
6/24My brother-in-law
Turned the big six-oh today
Friends celebrated
6/25For David and Wayne
(No selfie stick big enough)
This t-rex selfie
6/26I asked if he would
Marry me now that he could
“Yes, I guess I should”
6/27Her augmented breasts
Used to soothe the savage cop
Paying for themselves
6/28Guest list all drawn up
Friends and neighbors and “the gays”
And our families
6/29Finished a good book
All The Light We Cannot See
Very well-written
6/30Summer creeps along
Most of mine spent caretaking
Six weeks have passed now
7/1Potential buyers
One fell through; new one appeared
For my parents’ house
7/2When it rains it pours
Backed into my sister’s car
Going to get mom
7/3Tomato plants down
Bob took them to a new home
They’re in his good hands
7/4Bob had us covered
For the potluck July 4th
At Clint and John’s house
7/5They are so calming
What I need so much right now
Bob, Frances, Vincent
7/6Huge, thick pasta shells
Must contain lots of butter
Delish mac and cheese
7/7So interesting
Listening to visitors
Talk with their loved ones
7/8Little library
In a little town down east
Edited from there
7/9Drinks and half-priced apps
“Caretaker Maintenance Hour”
A short mental break
7/10Season 6 is out
Now binge watching The Good Wife
Cary’s in trouble 
7/11Donatos pizza
And a fantastic salad
With Bob’s tomatoes
7/12 Does this bother you?
These are things that bother me.
We compared our lists.
7/13Did lots of TO-DOs
Mom’s and dad’s and some were mine
Marked them as TO-DONEs
7/14On the road again
Doing what I have to do
Elder care-giving
7/15Inventory check
Confirms some are on order
Yay technology
Useless worry and churning
Cannot turn it off
7/17Fantastic burger
Basil, green beans from Bob’s yard
Everything so fresh
7/18We love Doc Martin
Some of his mannerisms
Crack up Bob and me
7/19We discussed a book
That most read two months ago
Who was that again?
Out for dad’s dialysis
Had to reschedule
7/21Bob and I met Blake
He will be marrying us
He has the power
7/22Bob outdid himself
I'm so grateful for his work
Being the best host
7/23We must follow up
On so many people's work
It's ridiculous
7/24My dad laughed today
Want to think he's turned around
Only time will tell
7/25Bob did it again
Tomatoes from his garden
This time bruschetta
7/26 Two huge pancakes stacked
No one thought he could eat both
But he came so close
7/27Conference call tonight
Remote, two-hour board meeting
Fulfilling duty
7/28Taxing day for dad
Surgery scheduled next week
Rough on all of us
7/29Making refreshments
For her friend’s retirement
Talented sister
7/30It was a close call
An unneeded procedure
Called off just in time
7/31Veggie lasagna
Made with Bob’s friend’s recipe
It was delicious
8/1A blood phobia
He threw up on a patient
Struggling Doc Martin
8/2Love banana cake
But love Bob and Frances and
Vincent even more
8/3Spider in the bed
Snuffed it out with a tissue
Die motherfucker
8/4Power has gone out
A car hit a power pole
Please come back on soon
8/5On this very day
37 years ago
I did say I do
8/6It was a long day
Frustrating and all for naught
Surgery canceled
8/7Threw my apple out
Missed the window, made a mess
Hurt me to the core
8/8Think! The color blue
Symbolizes many things
What's it mean to you?
8/9Letters side-by-side
Touching each other in words
Can Boggle the mind
8/10Sliders for dinner
Little burgers on a bun
Asparagus side
8/11“N.C. Sausage Dog”
Big fat link on a square bun
And for breakfast yet
8/12A possible light
Glowing in the far corner
Still too dark to read
8/13She’s a busy one
Always on sentry duty
Before she winds down
8/14I kissed him softly
Fell in love over again
How he rocks my world
8/15Pizza on the grill
One of his many talents
8/16Book club and Salon
One at 3 and one at 6
Well-spent time with friends
8/17On the road again
Jeff cutting the grass again
Viv at work again
8/18Had a restful night
It’s been a very long time
Innocuous dreams
8/19Quesadilla Day
At nearby Mi Cabana
They're one dollar each
8/20Watched Catastrophe
Amazon Original
Series, pretty good
Teeth cleaning went well today
Love my hygienist
8/22‘Round the neighborhood
Walking with my family
Frances, Vincent, Bob
8/23Rescued Vincent from
Garbage on the curb on walk
Nasty bone of fowl
8/24Philly steak sandwich
From Little Kettle Diner
Mom’s bingo dinner
8/25Watching my mom play
10 bingo cards at one time
‘Tween the window slats
8/26Couldn’t sleep last night
Used a NyQuil shot to chase
Prior ZzzQuil shot
8/27High anxiety
Cautiously celebrating
Don’t know what to think
8/28Each blade grows a beard
Turning, slicing particles
That attach themselves
8/29Though it's popular
Cards Against Humanity
I am not a fan
8/30Watched Downton Abbey
Series 5, 3 episodes
Just 6 more to go
8/31Eyes closed with a frown
Is it deep thoughts or deep sleep
Only Robert knows
9/1It was a hard day
My sister is my hero
She amazes me
9/2Sad about Isis
He was overcome by grief
Such a tender soul
9/3Upgrade to 5s
Now he can talk to Siri
Changed gender to male
9/4Never-ending churn
Mulling over and under
And over again
9/5Went to a new gym
Well it's still Planet Fitness
Just a different one
9/6Ate at Watkins Grill
Won't be going there again
Heard some racist talk
9/7Cookout in the 'hood
Hot dogs, chips, cookies, and flies
Ten trash cans nearby
9/8He is now no code
A gut-wrenching day, but, too
A most loving one
9/9Moved to Hospice House
It’s the final stop before
The last day arrives
9/10I cooked twice today
Omelets, Mongolian Beef
Breakfast, then dinner
9/11I was at my desk
Working still for IBM
Watching in horror
9/12First day fatherless
I don't see him here or there
At least physically
9/13Brought dad's coffin clothes
His USMC dress blues
Undertaker took
9/14There's a lot to do
Planning someone's funeral
Time for a dirt nap
9/15Standing in a line
We receive condolences
dad lies still nearby
9/16They honored my dad
A 21-gun salute
Taps was beautiful
9/17Hope to now resume
My pre-May life of leisure
At least for a while
9/18Dial 1 to report
Death of a retiree
Over and over
9/19We had lunch with mom
Would have been 62 years
Since she married dad
9/20Red light is tattooed
Dad said this about long lights
"Jesus Christopher!"
9/21"Alive in our hearts"
Mom chose this to add to dad's
Tombstone inscription
9/22Freelancing today
A full day of editing
Back in my routine
9/23She got 2 bingos
Two-hundred fifty all told
Mom took home the dough
9/24Love our screened in porch
Napping on a nice cool day
Being watched by Bob
9/25Somewhat lazy day
Editing and some napping
Rain again today
9/26Board meeting burnout
Minutes take up too much time
They are so misnamed
9/27A big family
All of them love him so much
I like watching that
9/28Banner Elk, NC
Listed goals and hopes and dreams
A Red Hat retreat
9/29Retreat winding down
Miss my family so much
Home bound tomorrow
9/30Reared its ugly head
Wreaking havoc in its wake
10/1Mounds of paperwork
Wills and claims and policies
For the lawyer's eyes
10/2A productive day
Lawyer, court house, VA rep
Settling an estate
10/3Five hundred and five
Cardio calories burned
10/4Dinner with some friends
Both good food and company
Grateful for them both
10/5More to take care of
Put me in a little funk
Working my way out
10/6Dues are going up
Homeowners won’t be happy
No one has spare cash
10/7Good roast beef sandwich
Mom made to take to bingo
One for each of us
10/8Editing again
Slow return to my routine
Earning some more cash
10/9Drank the night away
With friends David, Wayne, and Joe
Way too much to drink
10/10One last guest list check
Almost two hundred could step
Over the threshold
10/11Back at the homestead
Closets now cleared of all clothes
Made decent progress
10/12Thanking people for
Sympathy and donations
Etiquette says to
10/13Since I retired
One more trip around the sun
It’s my birthday, too
10/14A new POA
Updating mom's documents
Now that dad has passed
10/15Drinks and dinner with
Our wedding officiant
We're so fond of him
10/16We got our license
Must be used in 60 days|
When we say I do
10/17Bingo in Greenville
Mom made roast beef sandwiches
To enjoy while there
10/18We discussed “The Call”
Mostly Social Book Club talk
Missed Suzanne’s viewpoint
10/19Came into being
More than 60 years ago
Marriage document
10/20Provided a ride
For a friend to car dealer
His car hesitates
10/21It is State Fair time
I live close to the fairgrounds
Fireworks at 10
10/22They are not a match
But are complementary
Pottery spoon rests
10/23Door decorations
My sister helped my mother
Enter the contest
10/24Billy and Brian
Had their wedding reception
We walked there and back
10/257 stories told
Each one 7 minutes long
Four of them stood out
10/26Gave a friend a ride
To see an orthopedist
She broke her ankle
10/27Estate settling
Three items done in Greenville
Had lunch with mom, too
10/28Second all-time high
Fair attendance reported
I’m glad it’s over
10/29Erroneous charge
Twenty-five hundred dollars
A refund coming
10/30Free lunch with my boss
Delicious pimento cheese
Sandwich with some chips
10/31It’s All Hallow’s Eve
Starts 3 days remembering
Faithful departed
11/1Welcome November
I will marry my betrothed
Later in your month
11/2Filled up at CostCo
Gas for under two dollars
Get it while it lasts
11/3 Enrolled for healthcare
Not much change in premium
I’m grateful for that
11/4Talked with dad’s sister
Sending mom an edible
arrangement Friday 
11/5An affirmation
Praise today both personal
And professional
11/6Wedding reception
Six months after the wedding
It was a good time
11/7Won the second game
Mom was first to make a “V”
$50 prize
11/8I am an air sign
Ruling planet is Venus
Scorpio rising
11/9So many papers
Some to shred and some to file
Organizing life
11/10Customer service
Was disastrous today
At the car dealer
11/11Had lunch at Sitti
First time that I’ve eaten there
Everything was good
11/12My sister’s birthday
She is a gift in my life
Fifty-five today
11/13Making wedding gifts
To give to our family
For being with us
11/14An engagement lunch
Friends, and coworkers of Bob’s
When he used to work
11/15Picked up some boxes
In anticipation of
Moving in with Bob
11/16Wedding outfits bought
Shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes
We are good to go
11/17Dine-Out Raleigh night
At The Borough restaurant
Proceeds for good cause
11/18Grapes, cheese, and crackers
Flavorful combination
A nice little snack
11/19A hot tow truck man
Biceps bulging through his shirt
Tattooed lower arms
11/20“Birthdays” CDs done
Souvenirs for upcoming
Party for birthdays
11/21Spring Hope gathering
Dining at historic home
On the good china
11/22Helped by friends of ours
Swapped things between our houses
Grateful for their work
11/23The second McVeigh
Arrives today to be here
For brother’s big day
11/24Lots of alcohol
For our wedding partying
Limited by laws
11/25Ordered cake for bros
Bobby, Charley, and Jimmy
Birthdays on same day
11/26Emotional day
Welcoming new family
And missing my own
11/27A surprise party
For 3 brothers with the same
Month and day birthday
11/28A glorious day
Married the love of my life
Bob and I are one
11/29Brunch for 24
Seven hundred thirty-three
We picked up the tab
11/30Casey & Daniel
Updated our thermostat
A digital one
12/1Starting to get back
Into our former routine
Slowly and surely
12/2Dinner with Tommy
Last McVeigh to leave Raleigh
Tucson tomorrow
12/3Returned to the stores
Lots of cash back for unused
Wines, mixers, and such
12/4It’s out of control
Cost of caring for your health
When you are married
I’ve been married for one week
Still “honeymooning”
12/6If it helps at all
It will be 2 years for me
Okay to let go
12/7We all decided
We won’t exchange Christmas gifts
Stopping the madness
12/8His confounded lights
All come on then some go off
No rhyme or reason
12/9Pulled out of the box
Christmas tree decorated
We just plug it in
12/10Done with Red Hat peeps
From her Secret Santa Claus
She got lots of teas
12/11We signed the contract
To start our house addition
An exciting time
12/12Made a long round trip
To Jacksonville, then Greenville
Then back to Raleigh
12/13Two “clubs” that I’m in
Now are only gals and me
Wasn’t always so
12/14She looked with surprise
At the umbrella I had
“Is it raining out?”
12/15The new Transparent
Few redeeming characters
Hope it lightens up
12/16Red Hat Marketing
Holiday party was fun
We won trivia
12/17Regifting party
One man’s junk is another
Man’s junk, too, sometimes
12/18Great expectations
Disappointing overall
Done with season two
12/19Taping bingo sheets
Makes them easier to lift
27 cards
12/20Some love, some hate, them
(I am one of the former)
Holiday letters
12/21Love me a Luden
Taken to squelch hacking noise
Wild cherry cough drop
12/22No reception here
Wireless and cell phone, too
12/23It’s Christmas eve eve
Penultimate day before
It’s also Wednesday
12/247 days to go
Then we’ll ring in a new year
Two-thousand sixteen
12/25She liked the soup cup
Bob’s Tupperware Vent ‘n’ Serve
He gave it to her
12/26 In their underwear
In a bar to get free beer
Really shouldn’t be
12/27Wrote some blog entries
On movies recently seen
Two down, three to go
12/28Got an estimate
On some care repairs I need
Reasonable cost
12/29Saw the doc today
Have had this cough for one month
Time to “let it go”
12/30Day 2 of my drugs
No significant change yet
But I’m still hopeful
12/31Two years, every day
Now completed, time to rest
See you now and then
1/1Here is the first one
It didn’t get published though
Started the 2nd
1/2I am glad to be
Here among the Ninja kids
Haikuing daily
1/3I am a purist
It's strictly 5-7-5
Otherwise it's not
1/4There aren't too many
Lots of space betwixt each one
Few and far between
1/5A circular disc
Compels me to get started
Got a round tuit
1/6I cannot decide
Should it be a king or queen
Looking at new beds
1/7There once was a man
From Limerick, but who talked
In 5-7-5
1/8A skin protrusion
Ever perseverating
It's a worry wart
1/9Have tortilla chips
But no Super Bowl nachos
Velveeta shortage
1/10Using olive oil
Crispy chicken golden brown
Thank god it’s Fryday
1/11Damn! What WAS his name?
Then from the tip of my tongue,
suddenly. Seymour!
1/12Daily for TEN years
I have a blog entry for
I’m stopping today
1/13From a mere pumpkin
To a magical stagecoach
It transmogrified
1/14Downton Abbey Lane
Would make a good Wheel puzzle
Before and After
1/15We have never met
But I know we’d hit it off
Ellen Garbuny
1/16It could get you killed
In a movie theater
Very dark last text
1/17It’s “its”—not “it’s”—there
It’s possessive, not “it is”
Editing’s my job
1/18I am underground
eating a BMT, in
a subway’s Subway
1/19They’re plump, but hopeful
Should they join or should they not
They’re on the gym tour
1/20Suddenly all blurred
Sweating now, so hard to see
Shower door steamed up
1/21Is it a gimmick?
Big taste. Less Fat. So “they” say
They’re called “Satisfries”
1/22With cocked head she asked,
“You have never seen Star Wars?”
So taken aback.
1/23Walk 30 minutes
and a haiku every day
Two-thousand fourteen
1/24It’s a number two
Not the kind you sit and do
But the kind that writes
1/25Johari’s Window
You have a crumb in your beard
“Blind Spot” quadrant stuff
1/26Birds of a feather
Pressured to stick together
But one needs “me time”
1/27Find my iPhone app
Just saved me time and worry
iPhone back in hand
1/28A “lostful” day
First my phone, then my license
Phone is back at least
1/29A month from today
It won’t be the month’s last day
It’s not a leap year
1/30Fun imagining
Conversations only thought
How’d they really go
1/31Can you believe it?
We have written 31
Three-thirty-four left
2/1The month of the heart
He loves me, he loves me not
Will yours throb, or break
2/2Sometimes you're afraid
Your banana won’t stay “fresh”
That’s what this is for
2/3It’s free pizza day
Limit of three slices please
Planet Fitness perk
2/4Christmas tree still up
It’s way past Epiphany
Waiting now for mine
2/5 It springs eternal
And they also say it floats
“What is hope, Alex?”
2/6I’m pretending it’s
A gestation period
Due in October
2/7I am the type who
Cuts his coupons exactly
On the dotted lines
2/8Three free bagels day—
I chose: Two pumpernickel,
And one sesame.
2/9I ate the whole thing
It was big, but I’ve no guilt
Just a cucumber
2/10Forlorn wandering
After stopping in one's tracks
Caught off guard in life
2/11Yucky meeting set
Part of the job I don’t like
I don’t want to go
2/12R. Carlos Nakai
12/20/82 Song
Inner Voices track
2/13 A pat of butter
Or a blanket for my bed
Bread spread or bedspread
2/14Dough formed in a heart
Cream filled, red and white sprinkles
They're from Krispy Kreme
2/15I am quite cranky
Been without power 6 hours
Two more predicted
2/16Each time I sit up
A pain in my abdomen
Sit-ups yesterday
2/17It's so quiet here
Flexible working schedules
Most working from home
2/18Tricked me into it
Or wait, with this kind of breath
Baited or bated
2/19Wander all about
Forum. Colosseum, too
As we roam in Rome
2/20Certain music makes
Me start dancing in my mind
I just heard a waltz
2/21Conference session choice
By how hot the speaker is
Choosing with wrong head
2/22Singing in the Rain
Music played by symphony
It’s a sing-a-long!
2/23A day in the life
Baby David joined this world
A life in the day
2/24Today’s mystery
Cafeteria entrée
Unlabeled calzones
2/25Scrabble games going
Often ten games at a time
I win one or two
2/26At a conference
Back at the office I know
Work is piling up
2/27You can keep going
Do it ‘til you’re satisfied
Ready to stop now?
2/28February first
Fell upon a Saturday
So will March the first
3/1Happy Birthday mom
Today you turn 82
You’re as old as dirt
3/2This Super Bubble
Gives a yummy sugar blast
Quickly dissipates
3/3My personal fan
Not the kind that claps for me
It sits on my desk
3/4Car door frozen shut
I’ve had a handle break off
Waiting for the thaw
3/5All the single men
Want to put a ring on it
No fingers in sight
3/6You know Carl Kasell
You have heard his voice at least
He's retiring
3/7Someone’s on the phone
I can only hear one side
It’s a halfalogue
3/8On the road today
Five hours total there and back
Birthday lunch for mom
3/9Where did that hour go
Disappeared inside my clock
Time's ephemeral
International day of
Awesomeness today
3/11My eyes have seen the
Insides of themselves just now
Yearly eye exam
3/12My eye doc is hot
And has no idea he is
I blogged about it
3/13That drives me crazy
All three facing distinct ways
Want them all the same
3/14Seeing Rosanne Cash
Dinner first at Bull McCabe’s
Then the show at 8
3/15Vincent St. Patrick
Bob's precious Cocker Spaniels
Frances Patricia
3/16Boneless bananas
Boneless apples are good, too
I like deboned fruit
3/17Boys in kilts are hot
When they go regimental
Swing low chariot
3/18Bourbon and soda
A change of drink after YEARS
Old dog learned new trick
3/19Not saying they’re big
But sign says, “Gone pot-holing”
And I caught a CARp
3/20When I was married
Flowers to my wife always
On the first of spring
3/21Eating some pork skins
Is it really skin of pigs
Lost my appetite
3/22It is laundry day
Think I’ll do my taxes, too
You go, Saturday!
3/23Taxes are all done
Lots of data imported
Less to calculate
3/24Many beer bottles
Mini liquor bottles, too
Trash along my walk
3/25Seeing James Taylor
In August at Walnut Creek
Seats in the 4th row
3/26Spraying out white noise
Combating ambient noise
Sleep comes easily
3/27The clock struck seven
Now it's 7:45
I've hit snooze 5 times
3/28Not that dream again
I want one of sexy men
Not one about work
3/29Nothing's better than
Getting into a warm bed
'Lectric blanket's on
3/30I love homemade bread
My favorite vehicle
For the Land O Lakes
3/31Goodbye month of March
Do be on guard tomorrow
Pranksters out full force
4/1Hello April fool
Did you fall for that again
Warned you yesterday
4/2Read 60 pages
Per day 'til the book is due
Goal-driven reading
4/3Va-cay coming up
Just a little getaway
To Fort Lauderdale
4/4It’s been hella week
Firing on cylinders
None left to ignite
4/5Hair is now too long
Trying to delay my cut
Closer to va-cay
4/6My mind—and fingers
Contemplating syllables
Once per day at least
4/7Is it critical
To a sweatshop that
Sweat escapes your pores?
4/8I do Doodle polls
For two social groups I’m in
Scheduling meetings
4/9It may be Wednesday
But for me it is Friday
Va-cay rest of week
4/10Soaring in the sky
Bird with wings that do not flap
Southwest Airline flight
4/11Recent Siblings Day
Sister is in the middle
I am on the right
4/12A walk on the beach
Contemplating days ahead
When my ship comes in
4/13In ten games right now
It’s National Scrabble Day
Time to make some moves
4/14Here’s my new password
Meets the most important rule
Off to find some blood
4/15Tax day, don’t you know
Deadline is fast approaching
Postmark by midnight
4/16Just saw some knockers
They can’t possibly be real
Door of someone’s dreams
4/17Instead of driving
My car into a ravine
I came out instead
4/18The boy whispered, “Shit!”
As he quickly jogged past me
Running late for work
4/19Every day I see
College kids do stupid things
They’re invincible
4/20I can recognize
A woman who is so fine
I am gay not blind
4/21Easter leftovers
Bacon cheddar deviled egg
On a sweet roll. Yum.
4/22It’s not Mother’s Day
But today we honor one
I mean Mother Earth
4/23Time keeps on slipping
Slipping, into the future
It’s Wednesday’s earworm
4/24Bob plays with my words
Intellectual boner
He strokes them so well
4/25Heading to the coast
Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington
Weekend getaway
4/26Monograms bug me
First, last, middle initials
That’s the wrong order
4/27Driving from the beach
Back to the fast-paced city
Beach life loafs behind
4/28Walked up to my desk
To see my laptop missing
Fuck, it’s back at home
4/29For our mental health
Everyone should be prescribed
Mandatory fun
4/30I feel like a cheat
I missed this daily haiku
Inserting it now
5/1Happy Birthday pups
Vincent's, and Frances's, too
They're 9 and 14
5/2I’m working from home
One hour-long meeting today
By phone—I’ll hate it
5/3Watching people shop
Hoping to find a bargain
At a friend's yard sale
5/4Transferring all files
I got a new computer
Off to a good start
5/5Heritage and pride
Celebrations to ensue
Cinco de Mayo
5/6Exercised today
(Didn’t even sweat or hurt)
Just my right to vote
5/7Thank you for your work
It’s National Nurses Week
I love one to death
5/8I’ll enjoy tonight
Plans postponed ‘til three more weeks
Unexpected time
5/9To the post we go
Mother’s Day card in the mail
Will arrive on time
5/10At a board meeting
Saying lots and talking fast
It’s hard on the scribe
5/11ALL of it's not true.
Can I strike a word or two?
Greeting cards are hard.
5/12Ex-colleagues, ex-job
All meeting for drinks today
Trying to hold on
5/13Michael Sam and I
We have something in common
Both have two first names
5/14Each day that I can
Get away without shaving
That is what I do
5/15I do like turtles
But not enough to pay more
For a license plate
5/16Wake County arrests
Larceny by employee
Hey, I know that guy
5/17Doing the AIDS Walk
Thinking of my friend Adam
Left us way too soon
5/18Trying to decide
What criteria to use
For a decision
5/19Started on this day
Some 34 years ago
My IBM job
5/20Precious sleep eludes
Rarely have insomnia
But I do tonight
5/21Cream cheese clam dip yum
Spread atop some snap pretzels
Appetizer love
5/226 years have gone by
Thinking of Jeanie-baby
Always makes me smile
5/23Friday Ninja Lunch
So fun to meet everyone
At Clyde’s BBQ
5/24It is very rare
Nothing’s on my calendar
I’ll enjoy this day
5/25Thirty-nine years gone
Since high school graduation
On this day back then
5/26Second guessing sucks
It's coulda, woulda, shoulda
No one wins with that
5/27Tuesday, back to work
Only three more days to go
A short week, at least
5/28‘Round and ‘round I drive
Spiraling up to the top
Parking deck’s 6th floor
5/29Having all vowels
All consonants—the same thing
Scrabble frustrations
5/30Two pounds down per week
The healthy way to do it
But it sure is slow
5/31April was so fine
May was a real looker, too
But wait, here comes June
6/1Maleficent and
Malevolent sound alike
One acts, one does not
6/2They call them “chick cars”
Ones that guys should never drive
In Mens Magazine
6/3It’s the third of June
Another sleepy, dusty
Delta day, my friends
6/4Was contemplating
What’s the plural of haiku
It’s its own plural
Whoopdee-damn-doo, too, is one
Tmesis, that is
6/6Facebook lets me know
When 8 friends share a birth date
Never would have known
6/7Dirt-filled sill pots, or
Farmers are these sowing seeds
Planters, both of them
6/8My gym is moving
It will be less convenient
Exercising rage
6/9I'd like to juggle
But audiences scare me
I don't have the balls
6/10Gathered all around
For the reading of the will:
A dead giveaway
6/11I used to think that
I’m the indecisive type
Now I’m not so sure
6/12“Man kills, eats woman”
“Mayor tossed a bag of poo”
Bizarre headline day
6/13Thirteenth, schmirteenth. Pffft!
I’m not a suspicious one
Friday the 13th
6/14Today is flag day
Patriotic fabric hailed
What about the pole
6/15Road trip to see dad
For both Mother's/Father’s Days
So,  to see mom, too
6/16June’s half done today
15 more days to go ‘til
Half the year’s gone by
6/17Tonight is date night
Eat, and a movie or cards
Spending time with Bob
6/188 old, used windows
Picture perfect, clear as glass
Crafters scarfed them up
6/19It came up a cloud
As they say here in the south
A big storm rolled in
6/20Lunch with the “in-laws”
Well, not legally in-laws
Hence quotation marks
6/21Sun at greatest height
Maximum axial tilt
The summer solstice
6/22Gathering for June
Mostly Social Book Club met
No book was discussed
6/23It has been a while
Since I’ve gone to say my piece
At Moral Monday
6/24Insert comment now
Fixing grammar and typos
Used to use red ink
6/25Couldn’t figure out
How to fasten my seatbelt
Then one day it clicked
6/26I bought some to try
Peanut butter Oreos
They were just okay
6/2794 pages
9 copies unintended
Such a waste of trees
6/28We are double-booked
Birthday parties—the same time
Two cookouts today
6/29Such a nice visit
Nathan and Heloisa
And their cute son John
6/30June comes to an end
Another year halfway gone
Welcome second half
7/1Had a lunchtime chat
‘Bout things that really matter
Advice from a friend
7/2Long weekend ahead
Just get through tomorrow
Then it’s chillax time
7/3They’re red, white, and blue
Fresh, hot bagels from Bruegger’s
Independence Dough
7/4Making deviled eggs
To take to a friend’s cookout
Independence Day
7/5On the road again
Traveling to Oak Island
Post-4th partying
7/6Ready for Salon
Agenda items answered
Can’t wait to discuss
7/7Oh look, it’s Monday
After a nice long weekend
Easing back to work
7/8Such deep-seated hate
To stab another human
Lives cut way too short
7/9A chance encounter
Mailbox checking late at night
Fun conversation
7/10After work cocktails
On our calendars it says
“Team building” meeting
7/11Sought expert advice
Prep for the final curtain
Succession planning
7/12We are never lost
For something to talk about
Love being with him
7/13It’s 13 again
A number I’m partial to
The day of my birth
7/14Please don’t let, I beg
That gravy touch my biscuit
Love divider plates
7/15A shot in the arm
Just a metaphor, really:
Today is payday
7/16My teeth are so clean
(Dentist appointment today)
I could eat off them
7/17Nothing but blue skies
And a little piece of moon
Smiling down on me
7/18 Hello dear Friday
It’s always good to see you
Closing out the week
7/19I’m off to the coast
Five days on Bald Head Island
Some of it for work
7/20Boss’s boss made quiche
Tomato, bacon, and Swiss
Little cups of yum
7/21Work retreat first day
We have a full agenda
Let's see how it goes
7/22What motivates you?
Getting to know each other.
What work do you like?
7/23All good things must end
Today’s the day to check out.
Cleaning up the place
7/24Back in the office
Inbox is stuffed to the gills
Drowning in requests
7/2510 by 10 tonight
10 plays by 10 directors
Each 10 minutes long
7/26What a lazy day
Lots of sleep and little play
Makes John a dull boy
7/27Stir frying this week
Chicken and vegetables
Already chopped up
7/28First one into work
Lights come on upon entry
As if to say hi
7/29Autumn days of work
Meaning in the grandest sense
Sunsetting career
7/30Watching what I eat
Taking back control of it
A lifetime struggle
7/31The end of July
August looms around the bend
A wrinkle in time
8/1Well hello August
Other than the year’s 8th month
What will you bring us
8/2Seeing Baby James
Goodnight you moonlight ladies
4th row, center, seats
8/3Dust bunnies all dead
Though some were full grown rabbits
Pledge did get them all
8/4Hard to get started
Snoozed and dreamt and snoozed again
Damn you, Monday morn
8/5Years ago today
36 to be exact
I did say I do
8/6We're off site today
Learning about each other
Interesting group
8/7Tonight some time “off”
Nothing on the calendar
Time to do nothing
8/8Happy “eight oh eight”
Like 8 minutes after 8
Makes me think of BOB
8/9Rain, rain, go away
Or at least to Amy’s go
Where you’ll feel the love
8/10Weekend flying by
7-day weekends ahead
Just two months from now
8/11The building’s shaking
Excavation equipment
Breaking ground nearby
8/12Big blob of putty
For a temporary crown
Shaped like my back tooth
8/1361 days left
My career comes to an end
2 months from today
8/14Gay film festival
Story lines where in the end
The boy gets the boy.
8/15Book club and salon
And the film festival, too
A busy weekend
8/16Early for movie
Mixed up a.m. and p.m.
There 12 hours too soon
8/17Finished South of Broad
A writer extraordinaire
Thank you Pat Conroy
Sucks the air out of the room
What a drag it is
8/19She will come undone
Psycho killer qu'est-ce que c'est
Run, run, run away
8/20New semester start
A late grocery store run
Teeming with students
8/21Change is in the air
Change is the only constant
Change your underwear
8/22Calendar days left
52, and 35
Business days to work
8/23A Grease sing-a-long
Summer fun, something’s begun
Oh, those summer nights
8/24This is new for me
Co-starring on a podcast
We’ll see how it goes
8/25“That looks great!” he said.
About an edit for him.
That just made my day.
8/26On a recording
I hate hearing my own voice
Getting used to it
8/27Tampering with mail
Kazakhstan is on my mind
Because of a joke
8/28Back to the dentist
To get my permanent crown
And for a filling
8/29The Friday before
A long weekend to not spend
8/30Tabula rasa
Starting off my day like that
Let’s see what it brings
8/31August, it’s a wrap.
Bring it on, oh September!
Don’t leaf us forlorn.
9/1Two projects to do
Before October 13th
Working on the first
9/2One today to-do
Request a mortgage payoff
For exact amount
9/3Body glistening
Flopping dick in running shorts
Very distracting
9/4Balls of white and blue
Lasts for three minutes at best
A burst of flavor
9/5Never been to one
Shower the bride tomorrow
Her girlfriends, and me
9/6It was a nice time
Very civil and relaxed
Just one of the girls
9/7Lots of vegetables
For a healthy dinner meal
Thrown into the wok
9/8Little irks me more
Than poor customer service
No patience for it
9/9I love hard-boiled eggs
Thank you chicken for your lay
I eat one a day
9/10“I am excited…”
No you’re not. No smile or flair.
9/11Best of Enemies
Many sold out shows last year
It’s opening night
9/12Yes, he’s a keeper
Bob made me some homemade bread
Pumpernickel love
9/13Way too many ads
Read a printed magazine
For first time in years
9/14All shook up today
It sucks seeing parents age
Then I killed a dog
9/15Driving a new car
New-fangled dashboard info
It’s all digital
9/16Teetering along
On too high high heels, she goes
9/17Board asked me to join
I’ve lived here for 30 years
I should do a stint
9/18Stopped that charging bull
How’d I do it you wonder
Canceled credit card
9/1961 years now
Since they said “I do,” “I do”
Mom and dad, that is
9/20You cannot sing with
A garbanzo beans mouthful
So hummus a tune
9/21My clever aunt knits
Telling funny, smart stories
She’s a real knitwit
9/22Burly woodcutter
Stretches at the break of dawn
He’s a limberjack
9/23Do birds *know* the way
All flying south together
Or just winging it?
9/24I’m reading a book
About anti-gravity
I can’t put it down
9/25I had but one fear
It was a fear of hurdles
I got over it
9/26Chicken and waffles
With some honey from Beasley’s
Best of all: ‘twas free!
9/27The manicurist
And the dentist disagreed
They fought tooth and nail
9/28Staring at the wall
Yelling at the calendar
“Your days are numbered!”
9/29I stayed up all night
To find out where the sun went
Then it dawned on me
9/30Looks like it's brand new
My old deck was pressure washed
Lazy days there soon
10/1Mad at my masseuse
Double-booked my appointment
Rubbed me the wrong way
10/2A duck buys Chapstick
“Will that be cash or credit?”
“Put it on my bill”
10/3Smells like dill to me
I don’t know how to get out
I’m in a pickle
10/4Pearls’ “Olives to Go!”
Hotel room appetizers
Perfect with cocktails
10/5Love is in the air
In the cloud that my head’s in
Want to keep it there
10/6Last full week of work
It has all come down to this
Countdown chain from friends
10/7What greater honor
Than to be the choice to write
A final farewell
10/8My first board meeting
Got the poop on homeowners
Who are delinquent
10/9Up at 5:30
To give an airport ride, but
He has overslept
10/10Work farewell party
Haiku and limericks read
All to honor me
10/11It is Saturday
National Coming Out Day
Glad I don’t have to
10/12Death arrived today
For my ex-mother-in-law
May she rest in peace
10/1357 now
And away from the rat race
Here’s to the next phase
10/14Leisurely morning
Here’s to many more like this
Feels pretty darn good
10/15Heard the “lunk alarm”
For the first time in a while
May have been a year
10/16State Fair starts today
Traffic and parking nightmares
Stay away from grounds
10/17Lunch with Bob today
Two retirees eating
Having tuna melts
10/18Lost in the music
Listening to opera
Love an aria
10/19Home Depot worker
SUPER customer service
Rare to find these days
10/20Cleaning out my shed
Things from 13 years ago
Didn’t know I owned
10/21Dinner al fresco
Bob and I and our friend Chuck
Boylan Bridge Brewpub
10/22Herman and Annie
Coffee and reunion time
At the Cup-A-Joe
10/23Watched The Cosmic Man
1959 movie
Didn’t finish it
10/24With water and yeast
Or in her therapist's chair
She can make some bread
10/25Sitting at the bar
Met a guy named Anthony
Here from out of town
10/26Beautiful weather
Bob and Frances and Vincent
Hung out on the deck
10/27A sleep-late Monday
I appreciate it so
Got eight hours in
10/28Watched 5 episodes
Of that scandalous Scandal
It’s called binge watching
10/29Today I had the
Best pimento cheese sandwich
And I’ve had a lot
10/30Did an early vote
Had to wait in line a bit
A small price to pay
10/31I did it for him
At first I didn’t want to
Love to see him smile
11/1A fun night of games,
Dinner, and socializing
And made two new friends
11/260 minutes back
What to do with them you ask?
Used them up in sleep
11/3Lunch at Raleigh Times
With my ex-brother-in-law
All caught up again
11/4Clocks set back Sunday
NC set back 50 years
On Voting Tuesday
11/5Rode by my first house
It’s in decent enough shape
After 30 years
11/6Sent my sentiments
Thank you; Happy Birthday, too
In the U.S. mail
11/7What are hubcaps for
Do they serve a real purpose
Or just there for looks
11/8Off to Oak Island
Bob and furry kids in tow
I’m a lucky guy
11/9Special gathering
Mostly Social Book Club met
To celebrate me
11/10Only buy Hallmark
When I can use a coupon
Excessive markup
11/11Dad was a Marine
Had a 30-year career
Gave us a good life
11/12Vivian’s birthday
Stays three years younger than me
She’s my dear sister
11/13What if we could see
Germs and calories of things
How would it change us
11/148:30 a.m.
Already done working out
It’s out of the way
11/15Lunch with an old friend
Serious and frivolous
Talked about a lot
11/16A path just as fair
It’s grassy and wants some wear
Way leads on to way
11/17Slept too late today
Nice to have the option, but
Things I want to do
11/18Had some balls for lunch
They were big, and spicy, too
Meat with parm cream sauce
11/19Delicious cheesecake
Granny Smith apple pie top
Bob’s an awesome cook
11/20I could save money
Making origami treats
For precious Frances
11/21Calendars fill up
Food and drinks and visiting
It’s the holidays
11/22Fell as she passed out
Hit her head on cement floor
Alcohol induced
11/23Charitable gift
$25 gift card
For holiday food
11/24“I’ll just have a ‘skosh’”
People seem to like that word
Use it when I can
11/25Such a curmudgeon
Martin Clunes plays Doc Martin
But a brilliant doc
11/26Buying groceries
Me and other retirees
Man in house slippers
11/27Me, Bob, and friend Joe
Off to Greenville for the day
For Thanksgiving grub
Where they stand on many things
It's right there to see
11/29Backed up from iTunes
189 gig
That’s a lot of songs
11/30Salad with fried shrimp
With a light cucumber dill
All dressed up to eat
12/1Welcome December
With you comes a lot to do
Finishing the year
12/2Bob’s new computer
Has a terabyte of space
12/3Lots of errands done
Grateful to be able to
Have a day for them
12/4I’m so glad that Ruth
On this day in ‘53
Had a boy named Bob
12/5We saw “I and You”
At Manbites Dog theater
Very compelling
12/6Flying Saucer drinks
Celebrating Wayne Wilson
Dinner after that
12/7Clutter reduction
Donations I dropped off at
Cause For Paws Thrift Store
12/8Now I wonder this
How did I have time to work
Busy day today
12/9Laughter with my ex
Red Hat co-workers, that is
At a Happy Hour
12/10On the phone too long
But sometimes it must be done
Mission accomplished
12/11Interviewed some kids
Grad students at N.C. State
Practicing their skills
12/12Unexpected act:
Friendly customer service
U.S. Post Office
12/13Pull it “out the box”
As they say here in the south
Tree is all set up
12/14I have got the crud
Slept away most of the day
Love cherry NyQuil
12/15Did you rearrange?
Did you cover up those lights?
I’m oblivious.
12/16Such a dilemma
Whether to workout or not
When not feeling well
12/17My fastest speed was
98 words per minute
Test your typing skills
12/18Bob is amazing
He is the consummate host
Thinks of everything
12/19Couldn’t see my doc
Went to a “MinuteClinic”
Good experience
12/20Each have lots of friends
New Year’s Eve party invites
We are up to four
12/21Bob here for dinner
Frances and Vincent came, too
We had BLTs
12/22Vincent the lap dog
He’s an easy one to love
Here he is with Bob
12/23A phenomenon
It has come to an end now
Serial podcast
12/24A glass of eggnog
Sitting by the Christmas tree
Noticing its tilt
12/25We got what we want
A gift card kind of Christmas
Nothing to return
12/26Second time I’ve gone
To my new gym location
The jury’s still out
12/27Two loads of laundry
One of whites, one of colors
They’re all fresh and clean
12/28Wasn’t into it
Was an upper body day
Persevered through it
12/29Saw my doc today
I love her bedside manner
Renewed prescriptions
12/30The penultimate
Day of two-thousand fourteen
One more and it’s done
12/31This one is number
Three hundred and sixty-five
One a day this year!

At the beginning of 2014, my friend Wayne Wilson created a "Haiku Ninja" group on Facebook and invited his friends to join it. The idea was to commit to write and post one haiku every day in 2014. And my husband and I did.

Some serendipitous things happened over the course of this endeavor, including:
  • Some of my Facebook friends, who didn't know Wayne, saw some of my haikus that I posted outside of the Facebook group—on my timeline—and they asked to join the group.
  • This happened with a lot of others in the group, too, so we ended up meeting a lot of new people from all over the country and from many different walks of life.
  • 5 months into the year, on May 23,2014, we had an "in-real-life meet-up" at Clyde Cooper's Barbeque with some of the folks in the group who live in the Raleigh area. As is often the case with the embodiment of an online friend, I loved seeing the face that went with the name, feeling their energy, and witnessing their humanity.
  • Almost a year later, on May 14, 2015, one of the participants, Ellen Garbuny, who lives in Pennsylvania passed through Raleigh on a vacation south with her husband Don Best, and we agreed to meet for dinner at Lily's Pizza. It was good food, good conversation, and we found both Ellen and Don delightful.

I did make a post for every day of 2014, and I enjoyed it so much that I did it again for 2015. The 2 other tabs on this page capture the results of that 2-year effort. And here is a "word cloud" of all the words across all 365 haikus I wrote during 2014. The bigger the word, the more it was used.