Treasure Hunt Bin Megastore shopping experience

There’s a store called Treasure Hunt Bin Megastore that buys “truckloads of overstock & returns from big box retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s & Costco.” All items are put out in bins and sold for a set price, which changes each day: We decided to check out the place today, which … Read more

Our month on Cape Cod—day 10

~Monday~ Our Red Hat marketing organization had a “virtual offsite” today, even though we’re all offsite all the time now. When we’re in the office, this is a meeting that we have away from the office in a local establishment, which includes a catered breakfast, lunch, and an open bar “happy (2-3) hour(s)” at the … Read more

A 73% off kind of shopping spree, dinner@Two Guys, and some lame dancing…

I thought about riding out to the outlet mall in Smithfield today, but decided to hit Kohl’s at Crossroads to see if I could get what I wanted there first, which would also help keep my gas usage down. I’m still above a half tank, and it’s coming up on two weeks, tomorrow, since I’ve filled … Read more