A 73% off kind of shopping spree, dinner@Two Guys, and some lame dancing…

I thought about riding out to the outlet mall in Smithfield today, but decided to hit Kohl’s at Crossroads to see if I could get what I wanted there first, which would also help keep my gas usage down. I’m still above a half tank, and it’s coming up on two weeks, tomorrow, since I’ve filled up.

I only clothes shop a few times a year, and this is probably about the third time that I’ve been to Kohl’s. I love that store. Of course they were having sales, otherwise I wouldn’t be shopping now would I? With that said, it seems there’s always some kind of sale going on there.

Regular Price 
Sale Price 
 Apt. 9 Dress Shirt $40.00  $12.00
 Chaps Dress Shirt $42.50  $8.50 
 Chaps Dress Shirt $42.50  $8.50 
 Sonoma Dress Shirt $36.00  $3.80 
 Men’s Shorts $28.00  $8.40 
 Dress Shoes $70.00  $39.99 
 Watch $50.00  $35.00 
 Total $309.00 $116.19 

And if those aren’t just about thrift store prices to begin with, I opened a Kohl’s credit card (which I will promptly pay off when the bill for this purchase arrives, and after it sitting in a drawer for a year, I’ll cancel it), and that took another 15% off everything, and then they gave me this scratch card, on which I “won” another 15% discount.

So, in the end, I saved $227.67 on $309 worth of clothes for a grand total of 73% off. My final total, with tax, was $86.82. That’s my kind of shopping.

After that little frenzy, I stopped at Panera Breads, where I had a cinnamon bagel with some lite honey walnut cream cheese (freakin’ delicious!), and a cup of coffee. And, of course, I used their free wi-fi while I was there.

Robert arrived around five, and we went to Two Guys for dinner. I was all set to order their vegetable lasagna, as I was quite sure that that’s where it was catered from for our work picnic a couple of weeks ago. However, the waitress acted like I was speaking Chinese (I wish!) when I asked where it was on their menu.

With no luck I settled on my standard there—their pepperoni stromboli, which comes with a salad. Robert had their mushroom burger, which came with fries. It was all good.

Dancing was kind of lame tonight. We had very few dancers: me, Robert, Ernie, and Rick. And Chris joined us on the few dances that he knows.

It was “blackout night” there tonight, and when we stopped dancing, the lights went (mostly) out, and the glow sticks took over. We stayed for just a little while, during which I mostly spoke to Patrick, whose birthday is Monday, one week before mine. We bought each other a birthday drink.

At home, <TMI>incredible sex ensued</TMI> before eventually reading the backs of our eyelids.

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