2019 books read

I had a goal to increase the number of books I read over last year. In 2018, I read 26 books. This year, I read 29. Here are some fun facts about the books I read in 2019: Cost and sourcesI spent $0.00 in 2019 for the 29 books I read this year. The source … Read more

Clip art journey

We both use sweatbands for our daily elliptical machine workouts and we hang them on the clothes rack with these clips. Each day, Bob lays out 3 clips for me to use after my workout, and one day, he started making “clip art” from them1 They remind me of the “towel art” on cruises. 1What … Read more

Why I’m coming out of retirement

~Tuesday~  I am thrilled that the same team at the same company at which I was working when I retired is welcoming me back with open arms. I’ll be working again on the Content Team at Red Hat in downtown Raleigh. I’ve always said, “If you have to work, this is the place—and the people … Read more

A Stan-level staff meeting, work turnover meeting, and the State Fair…

Good week for… Bad week for… Health-food stores, after Italian researchers isolated an erection-inducing plant compound in a widely sold Chinese herb known as Horny Goat Weed. The compound, icariin, may be as effective as Viagra, researchers said. Biological warfare, after a West Virginia man was charged with battery on a police officer for passing … Read more