Treasure Hunt Bin Megastore shopping experience

There’s a store called Treasure Hunt Bin Megastore that buys “truckloads of overstock & returns from big box retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s & Costco.” All items are put out in bins and sold for a set price, which changes each day:

$10 on Fri, $8 on Sat, $6 on Sun, $4 on Mon, $2 on Tue, $1 on Wed, and closed on Thu to restock with new truckload arrivals

We decided to check out the place today, which is $2 day. I don’t know how you’re picturing this experience, but what I saw was not at all what I was expecting.

I don’t think I was expecting the bins to be super-organized, really, and in their defense I guess, it is Tuesday, which means these items were put out last Friday and today’s the penultimate and second-cheapest day of their lifecycle.

Treasure Hunt store floor view Treasure Hunt store floor view 1
I picked up something from this bin:

Treasure Hunt store bin 1

that looked like it might be a telescope, and I turned it in such a way to see if I could look through the one end, when a younger person walked by and did one of those stage whisper asides to me, “It’s a lightsaber.” Mercifully, she left off the “bless your heart, old man” part.

In retrospect, it’s clearly a lightsaber.

Treasure Hunt store lightsaber
Here are glimpses of a couple of other bins, if you haven’t already sussed the ambience of the place:

Treasure Hunt store bin 2 Treasure Hunt store bin 3

In case you’re wondering, there were several bin-searching techniques on display, two of which are captured in this short visit—and one I call the “oar” method and the other the “toss” method.

Girl, she used that stick like it was an oar—paddling stuff out of her way.

And she just tossed the stuff she dared touch with her hands. The “toss” method was, by far, the most used technique in the place.

One item caught my eye about which my first thought was, “Vanna, I need to buy a vowel.”

Treasure Hunt store home sign

Maybe I should come back tomorrow to see if I can find the O loose in the bin, when it will be half price.

Just kidding, I doubt I will ever return to this store, although I am curious as to what kind of stuff is in there on Fridays.

After about 20 minutes, I was starting to feel a little—I don’t know what to call it—because I don’t get panic or anxiety attacks, but I found Bob and said, “I’m going to have to step out of this place. I’ll meet you outside.”

Bob came out with 5 items:

Treasure Hunt store purchases

Although the cashier apparently only saw 2:

Treasure Hunt store receipt

And don’t get me started on the “service fee.” Maybe the service was stopping to count our items at 2.

In a complete aside, but you know I can’t let it alone, the “Store rules” page on their website desperately needs some editing.


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