Why befriend me?

My friend asked this question on her Facebook feed and I thought it was a great one to muse about: “What would be 5-10 things you would tell prospective friends about why they’d want to befriend you?” I’ve decided to do 6 of them—3 about why they’d want to friend me in real life and … Read more

Prompt: Perfectly clear

Writing prompt: Start with “It’s all perfectly clear now.” It’s all perfectly clear now that I will have a successful career. With a 41-year career behind me, even if things go south in my remaining 8 months of working, that won’t change. It’s all perfectly clear now that I will be “lucky in love.” I’ve … Read more

Prompt: Strangest habit

Writing prompt: What is your strangest habit? I’ve written about this before—it’s probably making an entry on my Google calendar when I change my razor blades. (A quick search shows that I’m probably not even halfway through this one’s life.) Thinking back on why I started doing this, it was once when I noticed how … Read more

Prompt: Unrequited love

Writing prompt: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back? From reacting this way in high school: “Let me play this 45 over and over and over and wallow in it: ♬ ‘I can’t live, if living is without you. I can’t live, I can’t give any more.’” ♩ … Read more

5 30-minute talks without notes

These are 5 things I could talk about for 30 minutes without notes: 1) Scoring bowling manually. This one is also on my list of “3 knowledge domains that I have that are now useless. 2) What it’s like being retired even though I’m not. I was retired for a little over a year 7 … Read more