5 30-minute talks without notes

These are 5 things I could talk about for 30 minutes without notes:

1) Scoring bowling manually.

This one is also on my list of “3 knowledge domains that I have that are now useless.

2) What it’s like being retired even though I’m not.

I was retired for a little over a year 7 years ago, so I have stories about all the things I didn’t get done on my retirement “to-do” list.

3) Implicit affirmations.

I like looking for these, like this one: When someone walked by me without my seeing them but still said, “Hello, John.” It would’ve been easier for them to just slip by without a greeting, but they made the effort in spite of that, so I must be important to them.

4) Writing 3 50-word stories every day for a year.

Since I actually did this in 2021, I could talk for hours about the process of writing them, the engagement with readers about them, and the sense of accomplishment of keeping your word for 365 days.

5) Having a total knee replacement.

It’d be tempting to make this a rosy 30 minutes, but the actual tl;dr is: it hurt way more, and took way longer to recover from, than I wanted it to. But 3 months post-op, I can now say sincerely that it was worth it.

Thanks for reading. What are some of yours?

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