Two reasons to smile

I got my Invisalign braces off this week—2 months ahead of schedule—and I couldn’t be more thrilled. At the end of the appointment, the folks at Zaytoun Orthodontics handed me celebration gifts! And they’re some of the last things you’d expect to get from an orthodontist: Champagne, popcorn, and candy! True story: Squee! Juicy Fruit … Read more

“Implicit” affirmations

Some people might call me a Pollyanna, but I’m a little bit obsessed with—and determined to recognize—implicit affirmations in my life. Two of them happened today, which I might only have noticed because I’m always on the lookout for them: A colleague whom I’ve worked with for well over a year now, but have never … Read more

Prompt: Perfectly clear

Writing prompt: Start with “It’s all perfectly clear now.” It’s all perfectly clear now that I will have a successful career. With a 41-year career behind me, even if things go south in my remaining 8 months of working, that won’t change. It’s all perfectly clear now that I will be “lucky in love.” I’ve … Read more

Tray #9!

I got my Invisalign braces on September 30, 2021, and the estimated time to wear them was 6 months. I remember being glad that they’d probably be off at the end of March, because I didn’t really want to be wearing them on our late-April cruise. No one wants to be slowed down by braces … Read more

Tuesday’s big cooking gadget night

Last night, Tupperware’s and Pampered Chef’s ears may have been burning. Tupperware’s zoodler is quite the gadget—looking like something between a meat grinder and some kind of hand gun. And Pampered Chef’s corer is usually coring apples in their ads, but Bob uses ours most often on cucumbers to get rid of the seeds, and … Read more

Our weekly menus

We’re both fans of meal planning and realize we’re lucky that both of us like knowing what’s in store for the coming week’s meals. Bob loves to cook but doesn’t like deciding what to cook. Usually on Sunday evening, and usually together, we inventory our fridge and freezer for possible entrées to create a week … Read more

Was it you?

In March of 2021, I received a book, The Liar’s Dictionary, in the U.S. mail from a friend who had read it, thought I’d like it, and suggested I pass it along once I was done with it to someone I thought would like it. Yesterday, I received this book in the mail with a … Read more