I’m hanging out downtown Raleigh, reading on the patio of my previous employer. There’s a nearby intersection, and in the last 30 minutes, two cars—one a top-down convertible, and the other with 4 “rolled-down” windows—stopped at the intersection’s light have caught my attention. Well, one really couldn’t miss them. Both had their music so incredibly … Read more

Time-saving technology fail

The guy at the convenience store checkout counter is holding an iPad in one hand, which he was looking at while waiting in line in front of me. The cashier finishes ringing up his stuff and indicating the payment processing terminal says, “Okay, it’s ready.” He contorts the wrist of his free hand to “tap” … Read more

ChatGPT account creation request

On March 12-13, I tried—off and on—to create a chatGPT account, but just kept getting this message: And I mused, “I hate messages like that. Who knows what later means? I wished they’d just let you get in some kind of queue for an account, and let you know when it’s your turn.” Fast forward … Read more

“John needs…”

I put “John needs” into and these are the top-10 type-ahead suggested searches. Clicking on them, what’s in brackets is where the suggested search came from. What are the top 10 results of a “[Your name] needs” search? Error happened.

Why befriend me?

My friend asked this question on her Facebook feed and I thought it was a great one to muse about: “What would be 5-10 things you would tell prospective friends about why they’d want to befriend you?” I’ve decided to do 6 of them—3 about why they’d want to friend me in real life and … Read more

“That’s a good question!”

Inundated by Zoom, WebEx, or BlueJeans virtual meetings, especially work-related ones that allow for Q&A time at some point—and that’s most meetings for me—I’ve been thinking a lot about this phrase: “That’s a good question!” I might go so far as to say more often than not, the person responding to a question will say … Read more

3 dream snippets

Snippets of 3 dreams I had last night: abandoned in a restaurant, a milestone realization, and an abused garbage disposal. Restaurant: We gave “business” last names instead of our own. “Mr. Red Hat, Mr. WakeMed, your table is ready. Please follow me.” The maître-d’-cum-waiter held 3 of those fat potato wedges in no container, just … Read more

“Implicit” affirmations

Some people might call me a Pollyanna, but I’m a little bit obsessed with—and determined to recognize—implicit affirmations in my life. Two of them happened today, which I might only have noticed because I’m always on the lookout for them: A colleague whom I’ve worked with for well over a year now, but have never … Read more

Prompt: Unrequited love

Writing prompt: How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back? From reacting this way in high school: “Let me play this 45 over and over and over and wallow in it: ♬ ‘I can’t live, if living is without you. I can’t live, I can’t give any more.’” ♩ … Read more

5 30-minute talks without notes

These are 5 things I could talk about for 30 minutes without notes: 1) Scoring bowling manually. This one is also on my list of “3 knowledge domains that I have that are now useless. 2) What it’s like being retired even though I’m not. I was retired for a little over a year 7 … Read more