Prompt: Strangest habit

Writing prompt: What is your strangest habit? I’ve written about this before—it’s probably making an entry on my Google calendar when I change my razor blades. (A quick search shows that I’m probably not even halfway through this one’s life.) Thinking back on why I started doing this, it was once when I noticed how … Read more

Imma be honest about Instagram

I don’t like Instagram (IG)—never have. There, I said it. The biggest issue I have with IG is that it’s a platform based on images, so a photo is required with every post. I don’t want to post an image most of the time I want to share something. I’m a writer. My product is … Read more


As soon as my indicator came on, I checked my Google calendar for the last time I changed my oil. Don’t you keep that info on your calendar? I want to make sure it’s been at least 6,000 miles since I last changed it, and it has. And it’s good timing, because I have to … Read more

Money well(ness) spent

It was a big medical expense year for us, one for which we’re glad we have good medical insurance. I’m guessing most of this was from my total knee replacement surgery, because the only other expenses we had was the abdominoplasty, collagen injections, dermabrasion, and lipoplasty. Thanks Red Hat and Cigna. Error happened.

Range of motion (ROM)

In medical parlance, I’m “PO83,” which stands for “post-op 83,” and which means it’s 83 days after I had my total knee replacement (TKR). I haven’t been obsessing over what’s referred to as my extension (how flat I can get my knee) and flexion (how much I can bend my knee), which are two very … Read more