Why befriend me?

My friend asked this question on her Facebook feed and I thought it was a great one to muse about: “What would be 5-10 things you would tell prospective friends about why they’d want to befriend you?”

I’ve decided to do 6 of them—3 about why they’d want to friend me in real life and 3 about why they’d want to friend me on social media.

In real life

  1. Keeping my word—to you and to myself—is important to me.

  2. “Being there”—in whatever way that manifests—is important to me.

  3. You might have a laugh or two—or just a good time—hanging out with me.

On Facebook

  1. About 90-95% of my Facebook posts contain original content.

  2. I don’t allow any political discourse on my timeline. In the very few instances that I post something political, I remind people of the warning in my “Intro” section: “I delete all comments (positive or negative) on my political posts. If you have something to say about it, copy it to your own timeline and say it there.” And then I follow through with that.

  3. It doesn’t happen regularly, but it has happened more than once, that I get this kind of feedback from a friend, “I just wanted to say I enjoy the things you post on FaceBook. Most of the stuff on social media is just awful, but you create and share interesting things.”

What are some reasons why people would want to befriend you?

4 thoughts on “Why befriend me?”

  1. I think real, heartfelt friendships happen. You ARE a friend and then you gain friends.

    For a long time I had friends that were my husbands’ friend. In the first case, it took the separation to realize they were HIS friends.

    After that, I made long lasting friends who ‘saw’ me, not who I was with. It made a huge difference in my life.

    I’m friends with you because you make me laugh, you allow yourself to be vulnerable, and somehow, I think we just ‘get’ each other.

    I’m glad I met you. I’ll always be glad to see you, and just hang with you.


    • Such wisdom about the nature of friendship! Thanks for sharing that. And, yes, THIS with us: “I’m glad I met you. I’ll always be glad to see you, and just hang with you.”

  2. John, you have been not just a friend to me, but a role model and inspiration. I am serious when I say that you and Bob are relationship goals. (He really is one of the sweetest people on the planet.) Why befriend you? Because good hearts and great minds are hard to find, but near impossible to find mixed with a fantastic sense of humor and great taste. Plus, I love following along on all your adventures!

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