Happy 1st Anniversary! I love you on so many levels.

~Monday~ A year ago today, I married Robert Anthony McVeigh. About a month ago, I learned about this website LoveBook Online, by seeing a book made on it by the husband of a friend, and I checked it out.

Between its incredibly intuitive user interface, and the many endearing sayings that come out of Bob's mouth year-round, it was a no-brainer that this would be the first book I "wrote" and published.

Things get more interesting starting on the “I love being special to you” page.

Happy 1st Anniversary! I love you on so many levels.

Backstory: There are several "inside jokes" in these pages, starting with the "on so many levels" on the cover. We both roll our eyes a little whenever some people say "on so many levels" after they've said something as if it's so deep! LOL.

Happy Anniversary, dear.

I love that you're my other half.

I love that you're my best friend.

I love being special to you.

Backstory: From the day I first met Vincent (and Frances, at the time), I always knew my place in the pecking order. And I’m good with that.

I love that you love and accept me just how I am.

Backstory: He really is this generous when I’m having the occasional pity party.

I love going out to dinner with you.

Backstory: He really does say this, and it cracks me up every time. And not just about food. If I’m going to do something and I ask him if he’d like to do it, he sometimes answers, “Yes, I want to be just like you.”

I love hearing you tell jokes.

Backstory: “And everything” is a filler phrase Bob uses when telling stories. I think it’s a family thing, as I noticed his sister said it this weekend when telling us about her recent trip out west to visit family and sight-see. Also, when he starts telling a story, and I finally realize it’s a joke, I’ll interject, “True story!” and he’ll say back, “True story!”

I love that you believe in me.

Backstory: He usually says this when I fix something on his computer or his iPhone, even if it’s the simplest of things. Cracks me up.

I love that you accommodate my food needs and desires however large or small they may be.

Backstory: Bob packs my breakfast and lunch for work every day, and when I’m counting calories, he’ll have a little piece of paper in it with notes like, “Bread = 70, Lunch meat = 60, Mayo (1 tbsp) = 35.” And, all I have to do is text him, “On my way home. Happy hour on the porch?” and he’ll have my glass of ice, the bourbon bottle, and my seltzer water waiting… along with snacks!

I love that you are punctual.

Backstory: I absolutely love this retort. (Could be the editor in me.) If you say this phrase to him, I guarantee you’ll get this response.

I love that you are ambitious.

Backstory: Bob actually did all of the things in that first paragraph during our renovations. He also reads articles and takes tests toward continuing competence requirements to keep his RN license active even though he is retired. He takes Vincent on two walks a day (without fail) and once a month or so he attends his Greater Raleigh Area Chapter (GRAC) of of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) meeting.

I love that you are accomplished.

Backstory: Ever since I went back to work, Bob does everything around the house, and I mean everything—inside the house and in the yard. And I am so very thankful for it.

I love that you are adventurous.

Backstory: This conversation actually happened once. You would never in a million years hear me say, “Surprise me!” with regards to picking out food for me. I remember just being incredulous when he said this.

I love that you are kind.

Backstory: This is an actual conversation with Vincent I’ve heard many times. And he waits. Personally, I ask Vincent once, and then touch his body ever so gently with the door as I open it, and he moves… without complaint. Such a sweet boy. (Both of them.)

I love the 'gay-sounding' paint colors you choose for our house.

Backstory: These are actual paint colors Bob has painted his kitchen with over the years. (I think they’re ridiculously frou-frou.) In his defense, he doesn’t make up these names, he’s just a victim of them.

I love your job as mayor of Mordecai.

Backstory: Bob has lived in his house for 28 years, so he’s seen a lot come and go during that time. He knows a lot about a lot of people in the neighborhood, too, and after sitting on the front porch for sometimes an hour before I get out there in the morning, he’ll catch me up on what I’ve missed.

I love playing with words with you.

Backstory: We play this word game where we’ll start with a word and then do a rhyming riff on it. It goes as the one above, and this one was about what if we share seeing Cher at the state fair in what turns out to only be a fair performance.

You're the most caring person in the world.

Backstory: This is classic Bob. He’s just so darn nice. I’ll say something like, “I just don’t like her. She never smiles.” And he’ll respond, “She’s been through a lot.”

You're such a great listener.

Backstory: This, too, is classic Bob—whenever I get home from work. I’ll respond, “Well, I edited. And then I edited another piece. And then I edited some more.” But he always asks.

I love occasionally watching TV with you.

Backstory: Every once in a while, we’ll watch TV together (usually I’m either reading, writing, or online wasting time or playing hearts). And Vincent jumps up with us for his belly rub.

I love taking road trips with you.

Backstory: Bob loves to play games, or make some up, when we’re traveling. It’s his helpful way of keeping me awake, as I do all of the driving. Catch Phrase is one of our favorite games, and he just keeps giving me clues to guess the answers, since I can’t look at the game to take my turn giving the clues.

I love our Sunday morning ritual.

Backstory: Every Sunday morning we do the USA Today Crossword puzzle online.

I love when we play cards together.

Backstory: I really do enjoy the social aspect, and the passing-of-time aspect, of playing cards. Bob, on the other hand, likes to win.

I love taking pictures with you.

Backstory: We’ll often take 5-10 shots of pictures of him, or us in them together, and then he often takes 5-10 minutes choosing and cropping the one that makes everything (read: him) look just so.

I love how you indicate that you don't like someone the rest of the world seems to love.

Backstory: This is another thing that I just can’t not smile about when I witness it. He just rarely says negative things about people, and this is one of the most endearing ways he gets around that. He really doesn’t like Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

I love that I found you.

I love that we got married and how we did it.

Backstory: We said these things as our vows to each other. And then the wedding attendees “married” us along with Blake, our officiant, by saying their part out loud in unison.

I love us wanting to be with each other every second of every day... except for when we don't.

Backstory: We both abide by the notion that, “You’re my everything, but you’re not my every minute.”

I love that you have changed my world for the better.

The end.

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