Our month on Cape Cod—day 29

~Saturday~ We said goodbye to Vivian and Jeff early this morning as they started the long (~13.5-hour) trek home to Greenville, NC.

We decided that we’re going to head home tomorrow instead of waiting until Monday, and we spent part of the morning packing.

Packed bags

We took a 2.5-mile walk before lunch, a part of which included the Cape Cod Rail Trail:

A street/trail intersection
Stop sign
A campground off the trail1
A house off the trail2

1I can’t hear the word “tents” without thinking about this joke, which Bob introduced me to:

2I can’t hear the word “trampoline” without thinking about this meme:

Other signs of interest during today’s walk:

2 men & a truck sign
Holmes Road sign
An American Legacy sign
A taste of turnip sign

When we got back to the house, we ran into David and had a real nice chat. I wish we’d’ve gotten to know him a little better while we were there. Such a nice person and good conversationalist.

We finished up some plan-aheads (a.k.a. “leftovers”) for our last dinner here.

Meatloaf, baby carrots, and applesauce

And for dessert:

Coffee syrup add-inCoffee syrup
Maple walnut fudge add-inFudge
Ice cream with add-insIce cream

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