The dreaded group project

Not that I’m still traumatized about it, or still in disbelief about it, or can’t let go of it, but on Tuesday, October 10, 2006, I made this entry in my blog:

Today I received an email from my professor with some “advice” on how to handle the fact that my project partner is not participating. Her advice was incredulous to me.

I dropped the course.

What had happened was…

The course was a Communication & Technology course, which I took during my third semester of grad school, and my group comprised one hot dude and myself. (To be clear, that’s two different people.)

At about 2 weeks into our project, we still hadn’t met to get started, and I sent him email initiating a meeting. After 3 such unanswered emails, another week without him in class, and the drop/add deadline for the course now approaching, I emailed the professor explaining what I’d already done and asked her to intervene.

Her response was, “You need to figure out how to get together.”

“Actually, no I don’t.”

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    • I mean I get possibly trying to teach a lesson that at a job you’d have to figure out something like that. But, I’ve now had enough work experience to say that’s a situation that I’d take to management to handle after doing what I had done.

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