Ode to Italia cruise – day 3 (Rome)

Thursday, April 21, 2022

On our way to breakfast, we passed the ship’s “puzzle in progress”—open to anyone walking by who wants to take a minute (or an hour or however long) and contribute to the effort.

In the breakfast buffet area, Bob represented his hometown of Battle Creek by the cereal selections.

We set out for our 6-hour excursion, 2 hours of which were the round-trip from the port, Civitavecchia, to the city of Rome—about 55 miles each way.

Panoramic Rome (6-hour excursion)

Experience Rome’s enthralling historic beauty and architecture. After arriving in the Eternal City, you’ll pass the riverfront Lungotevere, the Vatican Walls, which delineate the Vatican City, and the Ara Pacis, a 1st-century BC altar dedicated to peace. Continue along the Roman Walls and the wonderful Villa Borghese gardens before entering the Old Town near the ancient Porta Pinciana. You’ll drive down lively Via Vittorio Venero, around which much of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita was filmed, and make your way to quintessential landmarks including the white marble Victor Emmanuel II Monument, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Circus Maximus and Saint Peter’s Basilica.

After concluding your panoramic tour, you’ll alight from your coach and enjoy time on your own starting from the elegant Piazza del Popolo, which is a few minutes’ walk from memorable landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, as well as some of Italy’s finest shopping avenues, Via del Corso, Via Frattina and Via del Tritone. You’re certain to appreciate how this tour brings you up close to Rome’s marvels from the comfort of your coach.

Excursion pictures:

Returning to the ship, the buffet had Italian food to celebrate our arrival in Italy.

Starting with an amaretto aperitif, I followed it with a slice of grilled eggplant, a slice of grilled zucchini, some shrimp, and some Caprese salad, then, crackers and some cheese, a garlic bread roll, fresh green beans, and an alfredo sauce pasta.

There was an LGBTQIA+ Get Together at 6:30 tonight and has been our experience in the past, none of the gays ever show up to these things. There were very few people and we didn’t mingle with any of them, but instead had a cocktail and ate our 6 pretzels.

There was a couple entertaining in the lounge, Boogie & Kasia, he on the keyboard and she on vocals. Bob and I slow-danced as she sang Could I Have This Dance? and during it, Kasia pointed out that it was a waltz.

They played another waltz after that and she danced the waltz around the dance floor by herself. I got up and did, what I call “chase dancing,” where I dance “to” her instead of “with her,” facing and following her around the dance floor.

There were no Seth shows or activities tonight, so we attended the general entertainment of the ship, which was a show called Bohemian Soul that explored an “eclectic array of music ranging from the ‘Habanera’ from Carmen to hits from Frank Sinatra, Cher, and Lady Goga. It was good enough, but it wasn’t Broadway level. 😃

We stopped back by the Splendor Lounge afterward and Boogie and Kasia were still there, and I actually waltzed with Kasia this time.

I know my legs aren’t supposed to cross like that, but it was great fun and I saved thousands of dollars in Arthur Murry dance lessons.

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