8 years of entries from my sentence-a-day diary for this day

In October of 2014, after learning from a friend and colleague that she kept a “sentence-a-day diary” and loving the idea, I started one myself. These are my one-sentence diary entries for this day for the last 8 years.

January 13

Tuesday: While stopped at the light at Blount Street, waiting to turn right onto Peace Street, a man stepped off the sidewalk and pulled on my back passenger-side door handle, which thankfully was locked; I think he thought I was his Uber ride.

Wednesday: At 9:00 this morning, Bob and I met with Inclusion Studio, the people who are designing our house remodeling and addition, to see the two options they’d drawn up for us, one of which we ended up going with.

Friday: It was Grand Central Station at our house with several contractors here putting final touches on our addition/remodeling, and a Red Hatter came by to look at my skis for a possible purchase.

Saturday: Brett Taylor repaired our roof this morning; we got an estimate this afternoon to remove the tree whose branch fell on it, and it was $10,000; and mom just made a donation at bingo tonight.

Sunday: Mom called me this morning at Vivian’s complaining of kidney pains, and I took her to urgent care where she was prescribed acetaminophen, and at 8:30 at night she called me to take her to Vidant Hospital for a stiff neck and numbness and we spent 5 hours in the emergency room to be told her chest x-ray and CT scan were clear.

Monday: I had my consultation with Dr. Hum, which included an x-ray (where they made me remove my earring and I’ve decided not to put it back in after 30 years), and we scheduled my tooth implant; I did my upper-body strength training at the Red Hat fitness center; and I read a little more of The Once and Future King, before abandoning it and reading 26% of My Year of Rest and Relaxation.

Wednesday: “Bob” from Luxury Bath & Kitchens came by to assess our office windows and we ordered some replacements, including a frosted picture window replacement for the “downstairs” bathroom, and it was “free night” on our weekly dinner menu for which I had cereal and Bob had salmon.

Thursday: Today is 9 months until the day I retire.

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