“Implicit” affirmations

Some people might call me a Pollyanna, but I’m a little bit obsessed with—and determined to recognize—implicit affirmations in my life.

Two of them happened today, which I might only have noticed because I’m always on the lookout for them:

  1. A colleague whom I’ve worked with for well over a year now, but have never met in person, direct-chatted me at work today and the conversation went like this:

    Her: Are you in The Tower every Friday?

    Me: Every day for the last 2-3 months.

    Her: Do you want to meet in person for coffee or the beverage of your choice in the afternoon on Feb. 11? I will be next door [to the Red Hat building] for a doctor’s appointment.

    Me: Yes! And I will be getting whatever [Sir Walter Raleigh‘s] coffee is that comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it!

    Her: I think they also serve liquor; that’s why I said “a beverage of your choice.”

    Me: You know me too well even though we’ve never met in person.

  2. A colleague whom I absolutely adore checking in:

    Her: Good morning! I was thinking about you this morning and wanted to say hi. Two things: Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 7. Unless all COVID hell breaks out again, we’re having a Derby party. Also, I want to host a retirement happy hour for you in October. So plan on that. We can discuss guest list!

    Me: Good morning! Oh, I do like the idea of a vetted retirement happy hour for my retirement!

    Her: You’re not still cruising on May 7, are you?

    Me: No, we’re back on 04/27.

    Her: You and Bob can start planning your Derby attire.

    Me: Perfect. Maybe we’ll pick up some outfits in the Mediterranean.


Anytime anyone initiates something with you, it’s an implicit affirmation. Life is good and my heart is full.

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