Clip art journey

We both use sweatbands for our daily elliptical machine workouts and we hang them on the clothes rack with these clips.

Hanging on the clothes rack

Each day, Bob lays out 3 clips for me to use after my workout, and one day, he started making “clip art” from them1 They remind me of the “towel art” on cruises.

1What do you mean your significant other doesn’t lay out your clothespins for you?

I’ve given each piece of “art” a title, and I’m going to keep adding any more that might appear. They’re in the order of newest to oldest.

The elliptical machine is that-a-way
(liberty taken with the number of clips for this one)

Switching it up

Hanging around on the hanging lamp

A fan favorite


Getting some on the side (table)

Hibbidy, hibbidy, hibbidgee

What a pane

Handling it

All tucked in

Ready for bed

Coaster clipping

The queen’s clips

The erection set

Let me go

The uterus

It’s gossip time

Get in line

The roundabout

Fork ahead

Merge ahead


The peace sign