Cleaning cloths for eyeglasses

On an episode of A&E’s Hoarders, a man whose interior walls weren’t even accessible due to boxes and just plain crap piled high along them was asked by the intervention team as they held up three stud finders the man wouldn’t let go of, “How many stud finders do you need?” And looking at the team like it was the most absurd question he’d ever heard, he said, “Three.”

Fast forward to the here and now and our house. Feeling like we had a plethora of them, I decided to gather all of the cleaning cloths for eyeglasses that we have in the drawers of our two desks, a kitchen drawer, a bathroom drawer, and on nightstands and end tables in various rooms around the house to see exactly how many we “need.”

Apparently the answer is 19.

With all that said, the one that Bob and I both find the most effective, which is to say it actually cleans the lens as opposed to just smearing whatever’s on them all around, is the Norwex Supersoft Microfiber Optic Scarf.

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