My anti-bucket list

The top-3 items in my anti-bucket list are:

  • Drink cognac or tequila

    I first had cognac in the south of France during a 6-week business trip I was on, and even though I desperately wanted to like it because it sounds so sophisticated to say you drink it, I found it deplorable. And tequila is that drink for me—the one of which I drank too much in college one day and barfed my brains out afterward.

  • Drive from Miami to Key West

    I’ve done this once—rented the convertible and all. Two things: 1) To me, convertibles and fireplaces are two things that sound good “on paper,” but the reality is your hair gets messed up in the former and somebody has to get up every 10 minutes and tend to the fire for the latter. 2) With regards to this trip specifically, most of the route is 2-lane roads, which when you get behind—let’s just call them life-experienced—Florida drivers there’s little opportunity to pass, and I’m an impatient-AF driver.

  • Visit the Grand Canyon

    Here’s the backstory and the little inside joke Bob and I have whenever looking at something a lot of people go on and on about:

What’s something on your “anti-bucket list?”

6 thoughts on “My anti-bucket list”

  1. Scotch, for the same reason as your cognac. Simulator rides, they all make me vomit or wish I could to feel better. Travel to Russia, depressing and well, oligarchy. Eat liver, yuck.

  2. Until a few days ago I would have said “Drink bourbon”, for the same reason as your cognac, but I bought Paul a bottle of Woodinville Bourbon, and he invited me to taste it, and I liked it. So now I have to think of three other things: Eat liver is definitely on the list of things I hope to never do again, along with walk across mossy rocks in a fast-flowing stream, and watch a horror movie.

  3. Never say never and all that, but I’ll never again:
    – work somewhere or for someone if I can’t be my authentic self.
    – attend a professional American football game. Professional American wrestling has more action, realism, and drama and it’s actually fun to watch.
    – shop at an indoor shopping mall… the horror.

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