3 dream snippets

Snippets of 3 dreams I had last night: abandoned in a restaurant, a milestone realization, and an abused garbage disposal.

  • Restaurant: We gave “business” last names instead of our own. “Mr. Red Hat, Mr. WakeMed, your table is ready. Please follow me.” The maître-d’-cum-waiter held 3 of those fat potato wedges in no container, just cupped in his bare left hand, and went to a table and plopped them on a diner’s plate. Talking to the diner too long, we started looking around for the empty table that he was going to seat us at, went around a corner to see if it was there, and when we came back, he’d gone back to the welcome podium at the entrance of the restaurant. Awkward.

  • Dorm: My dorm room was on the 9th floor, and my room was in the middle of a row of 5 rooms. Returning between classes, I opened the door and my room was completely empty, like I’d moved out. “Am I on the wrong floor? Is it the 9th floor I live on, or the 10th,” I wondered. But my key didn’t work in the middle room on the 10th floor when I tried it. Then I remembered that I’d already graduated and wasn’t in school anymore.

  • Kitchen: At the industrial-sized kitchen sink in a commercial establishment, I turned on the garbage disposal, which just hummed like it was trying to chew up food scraps but couldn’t. I removed the splash stopper and saw that it was filled to the point that a piece of black, fish-net-type nylon material peeked out. I pulled out 2 mesh totes and 3 small, blanket-like shawls.

Unlikely garbage disposal remnants

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