Team pet sharing

A work colleague of mine started a spreadsheet in which any of our (~60) team members can tell us about their pets. With 28 people sharing so far, it’s 6 pages long and contains 68 pets, which averages out to about 2.42857 pets per person.

Although Bob and I are currently without pets, my heart was so captured by the activity, that I added our beloved Frances and Vincent to it.

Below my entry are a sample of the other entries, which shows the variety of pets entered so far. I have a colleague who has 2 rats, but they aren’t in the spreadsheet yet, and there is also a colleague with a hamster.

Colleague name: John
Pet names: Frances Patricia & Vincent St. Patrick
Species: Dogs   Breed: Cocker Spaniels
Frances Patricia’s nickname: Frances, Sweet Girl
Vincent St. Patrick’s nicknames: Vincent, Sweet Boy, & Master Vincent McVeigh, Esq. (on Bascha’s holiday greeting card envelope to us)
Fun fact: I “married into” a family whose members included Frances and Vincent, whose names at the time Bob adopted them (way pre-me) were Lady and Duke respectively. Bob insists on human names for his dogs; witness Marty Patrick, Loretta Ruth, and Benjamin Robert (“Ben”) prior to Frances & Vincent. Frances’ claim to fame was staring at you until you looked away and licking your face until you stopped her. (She also had a propensity for eating Vaseline and unrolling toilet paper.) Vincent’s claim to fame was cooling himself on AC floor vents in the summertime and an absolute-zero concept of personal space, including settling on my pillow with his entire hind end on my head.

Colleague name: Hanna   Pet name: Millie
Species: Bunny   Breed: Holland lop
Nicknames: Leaf, Mimi, Mimileaf, Moopita, Mimita, Mimicow
Fun fact: Has a bunny-shaped mark below her nose. When she eats or moves her nose, it looks like the bunny is running.
Colleague name: Bascha   Pet name: Khaaaaan!
Species: Cat   Breed: Tabby/Bengal
Nicknames: Mr. Uncle Baby Khaaaaan! (this nick has to be SUNG), Khanlypants, The Poop Sheriff, Mr. Brudder Man, Baby Boy, FatBoy, Chonkers, Daddy’s Boy (Gross, I know. Sorry!)
Fun fact: Completely obsessed with my partner. A lover, not a fighter. Diabetic w/IBD and the most expensive free cat ever.
Colleague name: Jaleh   Pet name: Peanut
Species: Dog   Breed: Goldendoodle
Nicknames: Bear, Bobeanut, Nugget
Fun fact: When I pick her up, she puts one paw on my cheek, and I melt into a puddle. And she watches TV. Like actually watches and reacts to it.
Colleague name: Théo   Pet name: Timmy
Species: Garden snail   Nicknames: Tiny Tim
Fun fact: About as big as a kidney bean and definitely has a birth defect.
Colleague name: Laura   Pet name: Joe
Species: Guinea pig   Nicknames: Tiny Tim
Fun fact: Joe was returned to PetSmart by a family that didn’t recognize his cuteness (WTH?) and was adopted on the cheap by my boyfriend. After a couple of years, my boyfriend’s kids stopped playing with him so Joe was destined to be “re-homed” potentially back to PetSmart. I intervened, fostered him, invested in major Guinea pig real estate, and kept him for myself. Joe travels with me in a plastic storage crate and is a wonderful driving companion.

Please share about your pet(s) if you’re so inclined!

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