Work stuff, an affirmation from our P2P leader, and a fun night of dancing…

I attended the OIT Web Team Meeting today, wrote an e-mail to Marc Hoit, our CIO, about his blog, and I responded to a director who is in a workgroup charged with creating “an ideal information technology or information services department at an Asian women’s university.” He wanted some input on what people thought would contribute to such an environment.

I worked on a bunch of Remedy tickets of folks who are participating in Drupal migration projects. I wrote an OIT News article about my China trip.

I provided Jude (my boss) and Stan (her boss) my China trip itinerary, with which they’ll determine how many, if any, days of my trip I can count as work days.

Over the past two days, I’ve created and managed a table to make sure that each day of our China trip is covered by a volunteer blogger. This resulted in an affirmation from our delegation leader:

Thanks so much, John!  You have truly been such a great support to me…  I am appreciative beyond measure…


Dancing was pretty fun tonight. A cute, fun guy named Tom was there, who turned out to be the partner of this other guy, whose name I don’t know, but who is there a lot with Joe and Jose.

Joe, Jose, and Rob were not in attendance tonight. Carl, Bill, Geromy, Michael, Rick, Rob, and of course, myself, were.

Carl taught Boot Scootin’ Boogie as Tom wanted to take a lesson, as well as this other guy named Scott, who was sitting talking to him most of the night.

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