A badly-timed cold, some expensive burgers, dancing, and Six Feet Under…

I have a dreadful cold. Not good timing for a 13.5-hour plane trip. Grrrrrr!

Robert came to town at about 5:30, and we had dinner at Red Robin, at my insistence, as I’ve been wanting to try their Banzai Burger ever since I ate there a couple of weeks ago with my work crowd.

It was very, very good, but when it was all said and done, we paid $25 for two hamburgers with fries, a soda and a water. Can’t help but think we could’ve had basically the same thing for about $6.00 at one of our favorite places, Chargill!

Dancing was okay tonight. I danced very little, as I didn’t want my knee hurting this close to my trip.

The after-dancing “theme” tonight was “Group Night”—consisting of the Gay Geek Gamers group and the Gay rugby team. Robert and I stayed for just about a half-hour after dancing stopped.

At home, before lights out, we watched the pilot episode of Six Feet Under. I’ve never seen this show, and when I had lunch wit Jay on Wednesday, we were talking about it. He told me that he was going to loan me his DVD collection of the entire run of the show.

He knows how much I like death and dying and said he just knew I’d love this show. The pilot episode was great, and I look forward to slowly watching the entire run of the show when I get back from China.

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