A memorial service date, updated “scripts” plan, workout, dinner out, and some pool…

We were up around nine this morning, and I made Cheddar omelets; sliced, fried turkey ham, and toast for breakfast, accompanied by coffee, of course.

Robert was an absolute dear washing a tie for me that I might be able to use on my trip to China. Thanks, my sweet!

At about 1:00, I finally turned on my cell phone to find a voice mail message from my aunt. Unfortunately my uncle’s wish to donate his body to the Anatomical Gift Program at Brown University was not able to be honored due to that open wound in his chest that never healed.

To that end, she is going to have a memorial service on Monday, October 13th, in Rhode Island. This presents a challenge for me in terms of time off from work, but I’m going to talk about it with my manager tomorrow. I really want to be there.

I logged into merckmedco.com to see what the implications were to my switch from IBM to the State, both of which use Medco for their prescription plans. After a very frustrating 20 minutes or so trying to figure out the difference between a member number, a subscription number, a group ID, and a bin ID, I called their toll-free support number, which I was surprised to find staffed on a Sunday afternoon.

A very seasoned support person took care of everything I needed, and before we hung up I said, “I want you to know that I very much appreciate that you were able to do everything I needed done without transferring me to a bunch of people, and I thank you for calming me down.”

She seemed delighted to hear it.

I got back to the gym today, where I accomplished the following:

 Exercise Category

 Exercise Type




Lower Body

40 minutes



Ab Crunches

15 minutes

300: 10 sets of 30 reps



20 minutes

Hills setting, Level 4, 372 calories burned

Joe and I met at Hibernian at around 5:30, where we had envisioned enjoying a Bloody Mary at one of the tables out front on the sidewalk. Well, evidently, everyone else had dining alfresco on their mind, too, in this beautiful weather.

Instead of waiting, we walked directly across the street to Stool Pigeons to enjoy “Half Price Sunday” (all food on their menu is half-price), and drink their Bloody Mary’s.

However, before seating ourselves, I just checked with the wait staff to see if they were still doing HPS, and as it turned out, they weren’t!

We walked down Glenwood to 518 West instead, and had their Bloody Marys (aren’t we flexible?), and got two “pizzettes”—the “Quatro Formaggi” and the “Italian” without the onions or green peppers.

Our waiter was dropdead gorgeous, and at one point, while Joe was using the restroom, he came to our table with some bread, and I said, “You are a very handsome man.” He smiled, and said, “Thank you very much. I appreciate that.”

After dinner, we stopped across the street at Turkish Delights, where we each had a cup of coffee and split a “Flaky Pistachio and Almond Baklava.” Yum!

We intended to spend just a couple of hours at Flex, which we actually stuck to tonight. We played just a couple of games of free pool, but quit after two, as the table is so unlevel, that all the balls end up along the one rail by about halfway through the game.

We left just before “Drag Queen Karaoke” started. Yay!

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