Produce Project haul

We’ve been a member of the Produce Project since April 7, 2021, which we joined shortly after having 3 out of 4 bad experiences with the Misfits Market produce service.

We really wanted to like Misfits Market, but 3 out of 4 of our orders got “derailed,” not arriving on the day promised and once not having everything in it that we’d chosen. In their defense, they were very apologetic and gave us refunds, but it’s important to us (for planning purposes) that we get things “on schedule,” which is why we switched to the Produce Project, a local service.

This was last Wednesday’s “haul,” and it’s exciting because it contains some turnips (which I’d been hoping for) along with carrots (which we usually get), and which steamed and mashed together is one of those things that my mom made growing up that I think we were the only two in the family who liked. It was a Thanksgiving staple, and Bob’s going to make some for us some time this week. I don’t think he’s ever had them together, so it’ll be an adventure for him.

organic baby spinach, mango, grape tomatoes, radishes, green peppers, apples, tomato, turnips, asparagus, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, jalapeno, parsley, green onion, ginger root

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  1. Blech! Sorry to yuck on your yum, but you KNOW how I feel about those two things together. I could even taste them when you tried to hide them in my Portuguese rice that one Thanksgiving! ?

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