ChatGPT account creation request

On March 12-13, I tried—off and on—to create a chatGPT account, but just kept getting this message:

And I mused, “I hate messages like that. Who knows what later means? I wished they’d just let you get in some kind of queue for an account, and let you know when it’s your turn.”

Fast forward 2 days, and I tried again, and got this new message:

It’s like they heard me the other day! And there’s good news, bad news, good news. Good news: There’s a limerick in the message! Bad news: It’s awfully syncopated, and the terminal word doesn’t rhyme. Good news: Here’s my edit:

ChatGPT is the best
Whose servers have been put to the test
With so many chatting
No wonder it’s lagging
We’ll fix it soon, though, no jest!

Follow-up: A friend tried it and got this limerick:

Interesting that it changes. Not interesting that this one’s awfully syncopated, too. Of course I have an edit for this one, too, but I’m more interested in yours, if you have one.

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