Time-saving technology fail

The guy at the convenience store checkout counter is holding an iPad in one hand, which he was looking at while waiting in line in front of me.

The cashier finishes ringing up his stuff and indicating the payment processing terminal says, “Okay, it’s ready.”

He contorts the wrist of his free hand to “tap” his Apple Watch on the machine. Doesn’t work.

He takes out his cell phone, not easily with one hand holding his iPad, opens some app, and waves the phone’s screen in front of the machine. Doesn’t work.

Completely over it (not unlike the rest of us in line), he gets out his wallet and grabs a credit card, which he then taps on the machine. Doesn’t work.

Exhaling about a quart of air as everyone in line shifts their weight to their other foot, he slides the chip-end of the card into the machine. Ding.

Thank goodness for all that “time-saving” technology! ?

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