Working two jobs and being judged

I started a new job as a business analyst in a food-testing lab. I came into the break area with my lunch, and I could tell by the looks from my new, skinny colleagues that they approved of neither the amount of mayonnaise nor the mound of shredded cheese on my deep-fried chicken sandwich.

“Just so you know, we have broiled chicken sandwiches in our cafeteria,” they offered helpfully.

I explained, “I got this one at Burger King, the temporary job I had before landing this one, and where I still have a commitment of 2 more shifts before my employment ends.”

“I didn’t know Burger King hired business analysts,” one of them meowed.

“I’m not a business analyst there. I’m working the line slinging Whoppers®—some even special ordered with extra mayo, add cheese,” I hissed back. “It was my first job 45 years ago while in high school, so it all came back to me very easily, and I was immediately promoted to ‘the front board,’ where the very best sandwich makers are assigned.”

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